Six Instances When You Need a Life Coach

1. You are Carrying Unresolved Issues

Like a game of Whack a Mole, we can temporarily push down our old traumas and issues, but inevitably they will continue to pop out another hole uncomfortably and inconveniently until we have no choice, but to give them our full attention. 

We can never plug all the holes at once, so until we are WILLING to have the awareness and make a CHANGE, we can’t get FREE.

Whilst Life Coaches are not normally therapists, there are highly trained life coaches out there that can help you successfully bring up and RELEASE old traumas and memories effectively and safely.

By leaning into the pain wherever that takes us, we can face and move past our fears. With the right guidance, what we THOUGHT was bigger than us, LOSES its hold.

Letting go can be so valuable and allow us ease with heading where we want to go. It’s pretty hard to aim high and succeed whilst dragging our past along with us.

2. Some aspect of Life is tripping you up

You are ‘good to go’ in nearly all respects, but you have that one thing, picking the wrong partners, over eating, not sticking to your workout routine, sabotaging yourself at work, not standing up for yourself, being lousy with money…

The ramifications of that thing, the thought processes and frustration you have around, it is stopping you from going further forward in the areas that are working for you. It undermines your peace of mind and self-confidence.

We create these blocks and barriers to keep us safe, because we aren’t ready to let go of our unresolved issues (see above) or we don’t know a way forward that feels right for us.

When we are READY to let go of the past (which is always when we find our how) we can effectively change the behaviour in a way that LASTS and finally experience more ease in our own skin.

This enables us to be free to focus on our success.

3. You want to re-invent yourself

Much more than a transition, this is more of a throw away the rule book and start over.

Re-invention is so freeing and empowering. Often we wait until life throws us a major curve ball before taking this option, but once we are there, it’s amazing.

It takes courage, total commitment, willingness to go where you’ve never gone before and listening to your soul to forge a totally new path.

4. You are Transitioning into Something Different

I work with people wanting to change careers, get promoted, start a business, embark on a nutrition & exercise program or begin studying or traveling.

There are those who are looking to unleash their master piece, begin a social movement, begin or end a relationship or something else.

This is a prime time for consulting a coach. They know how to help you gain CLARITY and break down your DREAM into manageable ACTION STEPS in a way that give you ease.

They will give you feedback, inspire you to persist, show you how to overcome resistance, fears and doubts, leverage off your strengths, build momentum and SUCCEED.

5. All of your friends seem to be following their own path and you are just lost

A coach will help you tease out your strengths and look at where they intersect with your dreams and help you find a powerful direction to follow.

They will help you find your inspiration to go forwards, find your confidence and try new things.

Once you get in the groove of making your life work for you, there is no looking back.

6. You have no sounding board and you want more out of life

You could really do with some one to help you find your own wisdom and strategize with you, listen to your wins and challenges, offer the benefit of their experience and help you grow.

We may have a family that aren’t good role models or who don’t understand us. We may feel as though we are the round peg in the square hole.

Our friends are all busy with their lives and we don’t want to impose and we can end up going around in circles and feeling like there’s more, but not quite knowing how to access it.

We want that valuable person to support us, help us gain clarity and traction, connect us with resources and help us gain momentum

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