What is the Lie of Belonging and where do we fit in the scheme of Things?

I was feeling very spiritual/expansive when I wrote this and the content errs on the side of spiritual evolution, oneness and growth. It is philosophical rather than pragmatic, but useful nonetheless. 

In the past I know I’ve looked to belonging as way of getting my needs met. These days, I tend to create my life and the right people, places and things show up to support me, to share in my journey and contribute to me and I to them.

Feeling a sense of belonging is a basic human need and often one we need to master before we can evolve further.  Beyond that there are some bigger issues to consider, such as where does belonging become a limitation and where are we conditioned to seek approval ahead of forging our own path?

Belonging is not:

  •  Looking for others to accept and approve of you, rather it is you approving of you and then realizing that you are comfortable in any situation.
  • Teethering yourself to “The love of your life” because they will make it better, it is committing fully to your life and seeing the beauty in everyone around you.
  • Family, belonging is acknowledging that we are all an expression of consciousness here in human form, all inter-connected, inter-woven, it is a sense of unity, of oneness and caring for life itself.
  • Seeking acknowledgment but giving it – it is seeing the divinity in everyone you meet and honoring that.

Belonging is…

  • Knowing your body is your soul’s house here on earth for this human experience and fully accepting that.
  • Liking who you are on a soul and cellular level. We are an expression of source energy here in human form.
  • Being around those that bring you joy just by their presence. (No agendas, just communion in the moment).
  • Saying no to what doesn’t feel right (You belong to you alone and no one else is worth pleasing)
  • Renouncing obligation but embracing responsibility. (You are not your conditioning, but you may have made choices in the past you need to honour)
  • Infinite freedom and choices. Everything is available to us at any time – it’s only conditioning that keeps us choosing based on the past. 
  • Feeling the resonance of joy deep inside and acknowledging you created it. Deliberate creation allows for the highest expression of self and sense of belonging from within.
  • Disallowing what doesn’t work, so you can be receive and embrace all that life is gifting to you in every moment. (It becomes an energetic dance of which you are a part).
  • A wholeness that comes from within when you unravel your purpose and become aligned with that. Then you get why your soul and body merged for this lifetime.
  • Happily inhabiting your body and including it in all of your decisions, rather than warring with it, controlling it, judging it or ingoring it’s needs.
  • Being acknowledged by those who get you and share a similar purpose. They are contributing to you just by being near you and you to them.
  • Joy that comes when stuff that used to bug you ceases to be important, because you know you are worthy, at peace and you belong because you are here.
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