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What Changes Does The Bars Create And How Can I Expect To Be Different Following One Or More Sessions

Since writing my first article on Access and how my first ever Bars session positively impacted my life (four years ago now), I’ve grown an ever accumulating list of Bars benefits which aren’t measurable and often funnily enough aren’t always immediately discernible.

Gary Douglas (the founder of Access) often speaks about how if you heal someone of something they so rapidly adjust to the changes and integrate them that often a week later you’ll ask them how ‘such and such a problem’ is going and they’ll have no memory of it at all.

I’d like to note here that losing our personal problems is a strange and peculiar process.

We all know what’s it like to develop poor habits over time, receive a disappointment or loss and change our thinking from that point forwards, or to go through trauma/drama or even abuse and perhaps add new problems to our life.

Ironically however, no one ever teaches us what to expect or look for, once you find a means by which to de-manifest such issues in the way that Bars allows us to do. 

What has changed for me and as a result of being a Bars student, recipient, Practitioner and teacher?

I am no longer at the effect of my emotions – I used to be one of those girls who would cry when I was shocked, embarrassed or upset (adding way more embarrasment). Now what other people call huge disappointments don’t bother me as it’s just all a huge part of the illusion and details we call life. I no longer get the accompanying chemical rush that would precede the tears either, preferring just to observe most things as an interesting creation or point of view.

I am aware of when I am perceiving judgment or judging others and I am no longer crippled by other people’s points of view about me. I am willing to receive all energies, allow them to flow through me and out the other side and it doesn’t phase me, other than giving me awareness of that person or situation.

I have enormous mental clarity – this isn’t minor for me. I had the most emotional, unclear, fuddled thinking for the longest time bourne out of years of chaos, anxiety and negative electrical circuitry and poor critical thinking skills.

My ability to concentrate is phenomenal – I can now get three weeks of work done in half a day, go me!!

I can keep myself energetically clean and clear of others – I spot people’s patterns and crap a mile off and can choose whether I enter at my own risk or give a healthy wide berth to. Either way, it doesn’t bother me.

I trust me and I’m committed to my life – I trust my own knowing, I seem to effortlessly know how to handle any situation or eventuality and I’m respected by others. I respect myself and I’m committed to the choices that I’m making and to my life. I love my life today. (That is a 180 degree change for me and I had layers and layers of crap to work through to get to here).

I see the value in me and I’ve integrated it into the cells in my body – no more toxic shame, people pleasing and under valuing me. I love me, I enjoy being me and I see the massive contribution that I am to others.

I can receive – I let people do things for me and I enjoy their enjoyment in doing so. I don’t feel I’m inconveniencing them or that I have to make it up to them the way I once did and if feels good!

I am at ease in my own skin – an odd one to explain, but as soon as you begin removing cellular debris along with emotional crap and old energies from any lifetime, you get lighter. As you get lighter, you can start to fill the space with your own knowing, happiness and sense of fulfilment and the transformation just keeps on rolling…

I love my life and it keeps getting better – since I’ve been taking responsibility for upgrading my life and living continually with Bars and Access my wellness has improved, my anxiety has decreased, my money flows are out of control and my business is expanding exponentially. The people I am surrounded by are incredible and I feel a sense of well-being that is sustainable and true for me.

I don’t have to not know things any longer– not only have I begun to lose all my conditioning and crap I’ve picked up as an empath and healer that isn’t mine (that was blocking my own awareness), I now have the tools to connect with my awareness any time and get clarity on whatever I need to, to make a choice or change something. Powerful and I almost never say “I don’t know” anymore!

Greater connectedness with others and ability to put my barriers down – before receiving and gifting Bars regularly, I was uncomfortable in close proximity to other people and felt vulnerable around them. Now, I am not only usually the most relaxed one in a room, I immediately see where other people are functioning from and can help put them at ease too.

Some of the changes my clients have reported:

  • Worries go away, seemingly as if by magic
  • People and situations that used to bother them, don’t bother them any more
  • Money situations have changed
  • New opportunities and ventures arise
  • There is more ease in general – life feels better
  • Improved stress levels and better sleep
  • A general, upwards trajectory that cannot be explained by any other intervention
  • Less depression or anxiety
  • More insights – patterns they have had for years and not perceived are suddenly crystal clear
  • Choice – there is a sense of possibility that they can change anything and choose anything
  • Kids and teens – less anxiety, less self-doubt, more confidence, less being withdrawn into self and improvement at school and within themselves. Less harm by one dysfunctional parent or from certain negative situations.
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