1. You are Carrying Unresolved Issues

There are a new breed of life coaches out there that are awesome at helping you safely release trauma and old past issues to get free. The reason why a coach is so effective for doing this rather than a therapist is that coaches also maintain at least a partial focus on going forwards and empowering you with new ways to do this. 

I love guiding people through this process as the moment they realize they can finally be free of their past is often very joyful (although can be painful too). This is valuable to me as your coach, because I get to know you better and when we map out the highest vision for your future, it is vastly different once we have cleared the major issues of the past than what you can conceive still dragging them with you. 

I always offer my clients the tools they would have needed in past difficult situations now, so that they can feel totally safe in the world and equipped to handle any eventuality. It’s an important part of allowing you to become more confident. 

2. Some aspect of Life is tripping you up

You are ‘good to go’ in nearly all respects, but you have that one thing, picking the wrong partners, over eating, not sticking to your workout routine, sabotaging yourself at work, not standing up for yourself, being lousy with money…

The ramifications of that thing, the thought processes and frustration you have around, it is stopping you from going further forward in the areas that are working for you. It undermines your peace of mind and self-confidence.

We create these blocks and barriers to keep us safe, because we aren’t ready to let go of our unresolved issues (see above) or we don’t know a way forward that feels right for us.

When we are READY to let go of the past (which is always when we find our how) we can effectively change the behaviour in a way that LASTS and finally experience more ease in our own skin.

This enables us to be free to focus on our success.

3. You want to re-invent yourself

Much more than a transition, this is more of a throw away the rule book and start over.

Re-invention is so freeing and empowering. Often we wait until life throws us a major curve ball before taking this option, but once we are there, it’s amazing.

It takes courage, total commitment, willingness to go where you’ve never gone before and listening to your soul to forge a totally new path.

4. You are Transitioning into Something Different

I work with people wanting to change careers, get promoted, start a business, embark on a nutrition & exercise program or begin studying or traveling.

There are those who are looking to unleash their master piece, begin a social movement, begin or end a relationship or something else.

This is a prime time for consulting a coach. They know how to help you gain CLARITY and break down your DREAM into manageable ACTION STEPS in a way that give you ease.

They will give you feedback, inspire you to persist, show you how to overcome resistance, fears and doubts, leverage off your strengths, build momentum and SUCCEED.

5. All of your friends seem to be following their own path and you are just lost

A coach will help you tease out your strengths and look at where they intersect with your dreams and help you find a powerful direction to follow.

They will help you find your inspiration to go forwards, find your confidence and try new things.

Once you get in the groove of making your life work for you, there is no looking back.

6. You have no sounding board and you want more out of life

You could really do with some one to help you find your own wisdom and strategize with you, listen to your wins and challenges, offer the benefit of their experience and help you grow.

We may have a family that aren’t good role models or who don’t understand us. We may feel as though we are the round peg in the square hole.

Our friends are all busy with their lives and we don’t want to impose and we can end up going around in circles and feeling like there’s more, but not quite knowing how to access it.

We want that valuable person to support us, help us gain clarity and traction, connect us with resources and help us gain momentum


I’m often asked:

“Rose, I’ve had challenging or miserable relationships in the past”. “It has been a while and I’m ready to start putting myself out there again”. “How do I prepare”?

These are my go to steps for getting back out there in a healthy way and having ease with manifesting Mr or Mrs Right:

1. Are you a Good Catch? 

Are you a good choice for the type of person you want to meet? Have you worked on yourself since your last relationship? Or, are you confusing relationship for the local rescue helicopter?

Have you decided that this significant other is going to rescue you from your life? Perhaps you are looking to avoid your rubbish finances, sense of loneliness, lack of meaningful company or friendships, or, that you just want a secure home and to stop moving from flat to flat. 

Maybe you’ve decided your career sucks and focusing on a wealthy partner and having babies would give you a purpose, or you just want the ring and the carriage so you feel secure. If so, you are about to lasso an innocent soul with a job that isn’t theirs…

2. Reality Check

Maybe you want to be loved, have more fun, some companionship or to feel fulfilled and you are looking for a relationship to ‘provide’ you with this. 

If so, you need to stop and ask how you can love yourself more, be more fun, provide yourself with better company, contribute more to others or find an occupation, purpose or job that suits you better.

Until we are willing to meet our own needs fully, we are going to attract a partner who is similarly needy and any relationship is going to reinforce that and provide you with another opportunity to learn these lessons.

This can be a great time to embark on some personal development, find a great coach, therapist or facilitator. Not only will you enjoy being you way more, you are going to generate greater in every aspect of your life and have productive and positive relationship experiences as a result of doing your own work first.

3. Ready, steady…Stop

So you are ready. Now it’s list time.

Take some time, relax and list down all the qualities you would like your ideal partner to possess. This should encompass the big stuff, not trivialities like hair and eye color (unless that’s a deal breaker for you).

Be sure to list attributes, attitudes and the temperament you desire them to have. If you feel drawn to do so, maybe state your list of qualities first and physical preferences in a secondary list.

Be really specific. Once you start using manifesting techniques to attract what you want, you will find that what shows up, matches exactly the things you ask for, so it pays to iron out the details.

I once had a student tell me she asked for an angel and ended up dating a Hell’s Angel, LOL. Life has an epic sense of humor, so use this process to be specific and clear. For example, “I’d like someone who is fun loving, successful, who blends in and is as kind as an angel”.

4. Reality Check (The last one, I promise)

What are the things on the list YOU need to provide YOURSELF with?

If you want them to be fun, where do you need to be more fun? If you want them to be caring and loving, where do you need to more loving and caring towards yourself?

Embodying any of the characteristics from your list that you feel you are lacking (in your way), means that you are not coming from a place of neediness with requiring them in a partner.

Instead, you will be an energetic match for someone with those qualities who also values them.

5. Ask for what you Want

Start asking daily, for life to support you in becoming the ideal partner for the person you have described.

Place the list somewhere prominent, so it starts to visually go into your subconscious.

We will start to seek these things out, instead of being unconsciously drawn to someone who matches our old programming and life experiences.

6. Become the Best Version of You – Get Happy

Do your inner work, let go of past experiences and focus on becoming someone with as high a vibration as possible. 

The greater your happiness levels, the more we are a match for positive experiences and other happy people.

7. Letting Go

Dating will likely push our buttons and will bring up old thoughts and patterns that feel uncomfortable. 

Rather than freaking out and seeing this as a negative, acknowledge it as something you are doing right, as old patterns have to come up first to be released. You can be very proud of yourself for moving forward.

Let go of any old war stories from past relationships. Often the stories we tell keep us locked into old energy and ways of thinking about life. 

It can be helpful to consult an expert who can help us stay on track and release what no longer serves us, while building our confidence and other skills.

Used constructively, former relationships can become a source of growth, empowerment, understanding, compassion and refining what we do and don’t want. This can lead us to make better choices, aligned with where we want to be.

8. Become of Service to Others

There is NOTHING that puts others off faster and is more exhausting then someone evaluating every single person of the opposite gender as a potential mate. (It will also effectively stop the Universe yielding to you what you want).

Get to know people and see their inherent value as a soul in a body, having a human experience. Ask what you can contribute to everyone you meet and life will start to delight and reward you amply.

Instead of trying to control how others see you, be too busy enjoying yourself to care. This is the most attractive quality there is.

9. Develop your Intuition – Trust Yourself

This is a tricky one for many, particularly when past relationships haven’t worked out so well.

Start to develop your intuition by asking questions of yourself and observing your date’s behavior and your behavior in relation to theirs. Instead of worrying if that person you met likes you, wonder if you like them.

Where do you give your power away? Where do you not trust yourself? Where do you feel vulnerable or unsure of yourself? What are you willing or unwilling to compromise on? 

Where must you be in allowance of someone else and what is a deal breaker for you? Where are your strengths and where are your expectations rigid or unreasonable?

10. It never shows up the way you think it will

When we start to align with what we desire from a heartfelt place, we are often delighted as our dreams start to appear as if out of nowhere. 

Let go of your rules, expectations, projections, fears and obligations and be open to life. 

Relationship is not necessarily about having one person for all eternity, but about walking hand in hand with someone for a while so you can both grow. 

If you are dating from a healthy space of freedom, allowance and growth, who you will become regardless of Mr/Mrs Right, will surpass all your expectations.


unhelpful beliefs

Most of what limits us as people are personal beliefs based on past experiences, or unconscious conditioning that we have been programmed with or picked up during our education or development. The people I look up to and respect the most are those who have managed to unlearn what society has taught them by way … 

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Life Coach, Nelson

I struggled with many aspects of life early on such as growing up in challenging circumstances and getting bullied at school. I read my first self-development book at 13 and attended many courses and workshops, but nothing I encountered made the difference for me. It was only once I found a set of energetic processes … 

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Do you have all the skills you need to excel in your life and reach your full potential? If not, do you know yet, what will get you there?

Committing to a program of Life Coaching may seem like a huge investment of time and resources. How do you know if it’s right for you?

Here are Five ways Life Coaching will help you have a better life:

  1. It will illuminate those frustrating places where you repeatedly get stuck 

Ever tried to make big changes and done really well, until suddenly you aren’t?

Do you know the feeling? You tell yourself this time it’s going to be different. You feel so brave and powerful, everything is on track. And then you hit the wall…

This happens at around the same place every time, followed by going screaming backwards at about 100 mph.

This is not lack of good intentions or poor will power. This is resistance, fear, old ways of thinking and terror at going beyond the current version of you.

A good mentor will see immediately what is happening and what’s behind it. They can support you to unravel those growing pains and go the distance with new skills, tools and confidence.

  1. It will support and encourage you to be greater than ever before

When two heads combine on an issue, challenge or struggle, there is a synergy that makes addressing it somehow easier.

You get to share the burden of change and you are guided the whole way. You aren’t bothering friends and family and your sessions are focused solely on helping you become the best version of you possible.

For the first time you are supported as you implement new skills and navigate through the pitfalls, challenges, fails and wins towards your goals. With expert support you can’t help but succeed!

  1. You build on the positive and eliminate the negative at the same time

Any time we accentuate the positive, whilst eliminating the negative, that is a double win.

When people focus on fixing what’s wrong, at the exclusion of empowering you with what’s right about you, it’s easy to get stuck and problem focused. Instead, we should be feeling into the pain and using it as a source of information and inspiration to remove unhelpful beliefs. We should be identifying and clearing limitations, learning new skills and implementing them.

When we focus on creating a phenomenal future, whilst undoing the past, you become uplifted and supported while you change.

I assist my clients to create an amazing vision for their future, unencumbered by their previous challenges and baggage, which we explore and clear together.

We maintain a dual focus of working through blocks, fears, doubts, and limitations whilst working hard to achieve your plan for your future. These are broken into easy inspired action steps. You will be empowered with amazing tools and supported in pragmatic ways to kick ass each week.

  1. You will realize that your barriers were never real

You will inevitably be outside your comfort zone during your coaching program and your ‘stuff’ will be triggered. This is great because it comes up to be cleared once and for all.

With coaching, you will be supported to allow your fears and resistance to arise, to explore and release them and move beyond. You will then realize that they were only fear based projections designed to keep you safe.

After your mentoring program is complete, you should have the skills to dismantle your own barriers in future.

  1. Mentoring allows you to grow and develop much more rapidly, quickly and effectively than you could in other ways, quickly repaying your investment. 

Imagine coming out of your Life Coaching program with many goals already accomplished in 3 or 6 months time.  You are feeling more confident, happier, more skillful and wiser and have made on your investment 100 times over. That investment now multiplies itself every day you go forwards with your new skills and awareness of life.

Think of the opportunities that would generate…

Who would you be if you could dismantle many fears and limitations and start to uncover the greatness of you? What is it costing you struggling alone, wasting your precious time and resources, whilst not getting your desired outcomes? How much stress, frustration and anxiety does that create?

How amazing would it be to hire someone to exclusively focus on helping you become the best version of you possible?


Manifesting is an incredible tool for creating powerful alignment, focus and clarity.  It allows rapid accomplishment of our goals, with less effort and more ease. It gives us an almost unfair advantage in life, if we are willing to use it. 

Manifesting is so effective because it offers a system for emotional mastery that allows us to align with our desires by changing our state. This is accomplished through visualizing the goal as already manifested and assuming an emotional state to match. In so doing, you pull the outcome to fruition rapidly and with less effort.  

Here is my definition of manifesting:

“Manifesting is working with metaphysical principles or energy to create ease and to be more effective, abundant and joyful in your life”.

You don’t need to know the science to use manifesting – you can make it work for you just by applying some simple tools correctly.

Three Principles of Manifesting you can use to create more:

1. Your Thoughts Become Things

All emotions have a resonance or vibration which radiates out from the human body.

We all have a primary vibrational set point, which determines what we attract into our experience by way of people, events and things. The Universe delivers to us based on vibration. 

There are specific actions you can take to raise your vibrational set point, like clearing out our emotional baggage and doing joyful things.  

2. The Happier You Are The Easier Your Goals Will Come

Most folks have the belief that when they achieve what they want, they will finally be happy. According to the Laws of the Universe, this actually works the opposite way around. 

It is true we are drawn to things that we will feel happy having, however, success follows joy, real joy isn’t the result of success.

If you are trying to achieve from struggle and lack, you will likely fail to achieve your ambitions. You may relate to this, if it’s ever happened to you. 

3. Any Beliefs That Conflict With Your Goals Will Stop Them Manifesting

When we have resistance to what we say we want to create, it shows up in our vibration. This prevents what could be yielded easily to us, from being delivered.

A good example is always money. Many people say they want to be wealthy, but they despise wealthy people. They say things such as “I’d stay the same if I were rich” or they think things like “All rich people are dishonest”.

Find a way that works for you of identifying resistance and releasing it.

To develop some manifesting expertise, do some study and give it a go. The worst that can happen is it could fail and learn what doesn’t work so well for you. At best you will notice changes and feel differently. 

Attending some classes, working with a Law of Attraction trained coach, or reading some awesome books are all good places to start! I highly recommend “Ask and It is Given” By Esther and Jerry Hicks and E2 by Pam Grout.  


Embrace Movie

As a writer and mentor focused on teaching ease and self empowerment to others, I think it is important to share all resources and be willing to talk on many different topics.

I was blessed the other night to attend a screening of EMBRACE.

EMBRACE is a movie that helps create ease in the lives of women.

As I had flicked through a review beforehand and saw it was a documentary about women’s body image, I was only mildly interested, but as it was an event and fundraiser organized by and for our local Women’s Centre which does a wonderful job in our local community, I wanted to go.

I had thought, “Great, a film about fat shaming, eating disorders and media images of women’s bodies”, *yawn*. “It’s not like any of us gets to escape that stuff. I’m not sure what any movie can teach me about this”.

It’s funny how our pre-conceptions can be so wrong and where this film is concerned, I am delighted to say, I was completely so.

Within moments of the opening scene, there was an intensity in the room and I felt very emotional which caught me by surprise. The engaging, vulnerable way in which Aussie Taryn Brumfitt draws you in with her story, is well, powerful. She is warm, so real, bubbly and open and the stark imagery of air brushed models on the billboards, starving stick figures on the catwalk cast against the truth of what she was saying, really hit home for me on a deep level.

I found myself sitting there riveted. And, not just riveted, but entertained, engaged emotionally, energetically and from an interest point of view too. As a woman, I couldn’t help but relate to what I was seeing and hearing.

Boredom was totally OFF the menu.

For the next 90 minutes, I was touched, heartbroken, amused, bemused, stunned, uplifted, enlightened and relieved. I was glad to see someone else’s take on it all, to share their journey, see the thoughtful and beautiful way that the movie was put together and most of all, there was this weird sense of connection to her subjects, the other people seated around me who also appeared deeply engaged and to Taryn herself.

Taryn’s courage in telling her story was impressive, her dedication to helping others apparent and what was awesome to witness, was her inner light that shone out, providing a source of inspiration to everyone else involved.

It all began for her after the birth of her third baby, she was unhappy with the new and altered state of her body, which had changed both functionally and aesthetically. After considering surgery and abandoning that idea because of the message it would send her daughter, Taryn decided to enter a body building competition to create a different body and one that she liked better.

Several months after achieving her ‘goal’ and discovering that having the perfect ‘packaging’ didn’t make her or any of the other competitors any happier. she made a decision to let go of the rigid control and reigime of diet and exercise to get her life back and just focus on a functional, healthy body instead.

One day she popped up a before and after photo of her experiences on Facebook. It wasn’t a post baby body followed by a body building one, it was a body building perfection one, followed by a now one of her natural, post baby, healthy, but slightly altered, natural shape.

Taryn’s before and after photos went viral. What left her gobsmacked were the tens of thousands of replies she received from women around the world thanking her and saying how much they hated, yes HATED their own bodies and were grateful for her post and message.

As a result of the thousands of messages she received, she decided to make a two month trip around the world to talk with key figures, inspirational and successful women and fashion and beauty industry leaders to discover why women hate themselves so much and what could help change it. The result was her movie and for her a journey to an inner calm and happiness with her own body and its image.

This is in stark contrast with many of the hateful and ignorant comments from around the globe that people saw fit to make on Taryn’s post and about a woman’s body and journey into motherhood.

They reeked of abuse, self-hatred, manifesting in contempt of others and unconscious entrainment to an externally imposed ideal that is an illusion.

That illusion is a photo shopped, flawless fantasy, created by magazines and wealthy fashionistas to which we have all subscribed either willingly, reluctantly or even subconsciously to one degree or another.

As the movie commentary said, there is so much pressure on women to be sexy, superwomen, slim, desirable, never look tired, to become yummy mummies and in this sense our worth is always overtly or covertly tied in with our looks. Any time we call a girl or women ‘pretty’ we are teaching her that this is where her value and power lies.

Like every women, I am not immune to this. And it seems I find this very sad.

As the movie unfolded, I cried quite a bit.

I felt devastated, not only personally for the pain I experienced as a younger woman dealing with eating disorders, but for my mother who has experienced eating disorders that have landed her with severe, disabling spinal fractures due to years of self-imposed starvation. This sadness extended to all young women who temper their natural sense of self, expression of joy, self love, enjoyment of food and feelings of worth with self contempt, based on comparison to an ideal of how others tell them they should look.

As many of those interviewed on the film had worked out, you can ascribe to creating your own physical perfection, but ultimately it takes all your time, effort, energy and focus. There is no more miserable place to inhabit, then being an inauthentic version of yourself focused entirely on making your packaging more desirable to others.

What I liked best about EMBRACE was it’s rawness, the vulnerability of participants and the sense of empowerment and genuineness from their interactions. The participants were carefully chosen with their stories woven into the bigger picture with grace, charm, humour and kindness. In doing so, it was able to reach an audience of thousands (hopefully millions) and make a real impact.

Some of the uplifting and positive messages I liked towards the end were that “Real beauty is about choosing to rock what you’ve been given the best way you can”. We also heard “I know that I am beautiful no matter what others say and that makes me feel good”. “I could have decided to lie down and die, but I decided to make the most of the life I have instead”. Their message was backed up by their bravery in choosing to live in accordance with their messages in spite of challenges that others might see as devastating.

One of these women were a former model who had suffered a debilitating brain tumour that paralysed one side of her body, another had devastating burns and there was a stunningly beautiful women with facial hair who had decided to keep it rather than constantly remove it to please others. There was also the quirky and funny German actress who joked upon receiving a bad review of her appearance at an awards ceremony said “Oh no! I wore the wrong make up with the designer’s dress, the world might end” LOL!!

It was refreshing to see how these inspirational woman chose to go about their lives and the inner work they had done to find their peace. There was so much beauty and freedom in their choices. It is a freedom we all have to decide how we see things and how we want to choose for ourselves. Many of us are lucky that we don’t have a worst case scenario to prompt our thinking as some of these women did.

I left with a sense of oneness. That our issues are all so similar despite our individual lives and circumstances. This movie is one that is relevant to all woman and it was great to see a few men at the screening. Somehow I feel that if more men could see this movie, the world would be a much better place.

Definitely recommend.


Life Coach Nelson New Zealand

Highly conscious individuals don’t give up when faced with a challenge, they often won’t even veer from their path for long when facing what others might regard as enormous difficulties. They have learned that contained within every experience (desired or not) is an opportunity for exploration, awareness and expansion. They also have the skills, tools …

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Vienda is a writer and mentor who takes pieces of her soul and spins them into words — and teaches women who want to do great things in the world how to create freedom in every part of their lives — through articulating your truth and creating micro-actions and mindful thought-shifts that elevate you to a whole new way of life.

Vienda’s message has been shared by thousands across the globe through her blog, which reaches over 15,000 inspired folk per month, and platforms such as Cleo Magazine, Tiny Buddha and Roooar Magazine.
Vienda has written 4 eBooks and has been featured in 3 other books including best-seller Love & Oneness and is the creator of the popular 8 week course Manifest More.

Which actor would play you in the movie of your life?

I would love Emma Stone to play me in a movie. She’s clearly much funnier than me, but I completely resonate with her quirkiness and would love to see what kind of humour she’d create out of my life story.

What is the best thing you love to eat right now?

I’m currently in Vietnam and obsessed with Pho. I just want to eat Pho for every single meal! They serve it with these incredible-tasting herbs and greens and I simply cannot get enough of the broth.

What are the three things you are looking forward to most about settling in one place for a while?

OMG, just 3?!! Haha. Ok.

1. I am so damn excited about no longer living out of a suitcase and having a full wardrobe of clothes to choose from. I’m currently assembling my 2017 winter capsule collection by spending far too many hours internet shopping and getting things posted. It’s wonderful!
2. Jumping back into my business full time. I really miss it! I’ve been working part time while traveling South East Asia for the past 6 months, and while having such an adventure has been incredible, I am so ready to sink my teeth into creative projects for 2017 and mentoring with my clients again.
3. Cooking. Something I love to do is feed people with delicious, nutritious foods and I cannot wait to get back in the kitchen and start creating all sorts of culinary creations for my love, our family and friends.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger you, what would it be?

“You are already who you want to be. Stop looking for the permission and approval and start giving it to yourself.” I think if I had know that when I was younger I might have been able to skip some pretty strong lessons. Having said that, without those, I wouldn’t have the wealth of understanding and compassion and resources that I have now.

How has your message of freedom evolved over time?

I used to think that freedom was all about the choices you made in life such a travel, work, relationships and so on. But as I have delved deeper into this delicious topic I have realised that freedom is state of mind, and not of your circumstances. You can travel the world or have a dream job and still not be free. But if you enter into each choice with freedom as key factor, freedom can exist in any experience if you choose it.

What’s the biggest thing people overlook when aiming for a ‘laptop lifestyle’?

Great question! I think lots of people think that it means you get to sit around by a pool all day and sip cocktails while answering a few emails and making lots of money. That is absolutely not the case. There is a universal law at play: what you put in, you get out. You still have to go out into the world and face your demons and put yourself out there and hustle with heart. It’s all part of the game and it’s wonderful.

What’s your easiest way of connecting with your higher self?

Alone time and stillness. I’m always connecting, connecting is a daily moment-to-moment practice, which requires presence: a simple observing of the present moment and stillness. And it’s much, much easier reached for me when I get to spend time alone for a few hours each day. It’s imperative for me!

Who inspires you the most? Who’s work do you admire?

I find this a really difficult question to answer because I don’t admire one single person, but various parts of many different people. There are so many brilliant, incredible, creative, inspiring, fantastic humans on the planet that I am in awe of and grateful to share this world with that  it makes it impossible for me to have one or even two who’s work I admire or am inspired by the most. No-one has it all figured out and yet everyone is amazing.

What’s your best tip for being in conscious (lasting) relationship while travelling?

Always looking for the highest self in the other person, forgiving quickly and paying attention to when you go into reactive mode. Traveling together can be a really intense and confronting thing for a couple, because it highlights both person’s strengths and weaknesses. I am so proud of my partner and I: We’ve been traveling really rapidly for the past 6 months, and while we have had our heated moments, we both soften and fold back into love really quickly. I think I am more in love now, than ever!

What is your most embarrassing or funny moment (that you’re willing to tell us)?

I once got locked out of my house in my underwear and ended up having to break back in through a skylight in the roof after several hours of trying to get rescued with no avail. It was really embarrassing because the whole neighborhood laughed about it for ages.

Describe your ideal day.

Sleep in until 8am. Enjoy a slow drink in the morning sun and then get ready for the day. Answer any urgent emails. Dive into my creative work from around 10 until about 12. Go to a yoga or pilates class. Have lunch. Work with 2-3 of my one-on-one clients in the afternoon. Meet friends in a cafe to catch up on soul-chats. Go for a walk. Go home and make a delicious feast for my love and I. Eat together and then snuggle with a glass of wine in front of the fire place, and maybe a good book or a film.

What do you like most about money?

It is the BEST teacher in showing you where you need to heal, change and grow. Money stuff is often not even about money but about deeper issues like self-worth, self-responsibility, owning what you do and who you are, treasuring yourself and supporting yourself. It’s an amazing catalyst for personal development and if you have money leaks, it means that you have other energetic leaks as well. I love the topic of money and how grown so much through it, and continue to be a humble student for the teachings that earning large sums of money bring.

What are five things that no one would guess about you?

1. I don’t have baby toe nails.

2. When I was a girl I wanted to be a back-up dancer for music videos.

3. I’m a really good cook.

4. When I was 1 year old I went to jail in Spain because I was with my dad who was selling weed in the streets.

5. I sometimes wear glasses.

Do you have one happiest moment or time in your life you’d like to share?

The happiest time in life was when I was 23 and finally ‘awakened’ and connected with my inner wisdom and soul. I felt so lost and alone and confused about life until that point, when one day I really delved deep into stillness and discovered an ocean of wisdom and support that I could reach for, whenever and wherever. It truly changed my life, and it was only then that I discovered what happiness really was and that it had nothing to do with external circumstances.

We are about to have a conversation with your guardian angel, what would they say?

The suffering we see in the world is simply a reflection of all our own suffering. It’s time to clear that shit up. If everyone stopped creating so much pain, torment, angst and suffering in themselves, the world would not have to demonstrate it in such terrifying ways. Outside is as inside. Let’s get to work!

What’s the most exciting thing about the future of humanity?

Our never-ending ability to be optimistic and kind. Humans are my absolute favourite thing on the entire planet and I am so excited about being on the leading edge of humanity right now. We are breaking through some pretty huge paradigms right now, and the world is changing so fast. It’s incredible to bear witness whilst also being an active part of all that.
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I remember my first experience of receiving the Bars and the Access Consciousness tools like it was yesterday.

I was unsure what to expect, a little apprehensive and also excited as it resonated from the moment I made the booking.

At that time in my life, I was experiencing full on symptoms from my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and crippling anxiety.

Unsurprisingly, I felt powerless in my life and at the effect of external events. The weather in the city I where I lived affected my health negatively, I had little support, money, limited choices and I didn’t know how to gain the traction to change things.

Access Verbal Processing

I really liked and trusted the woman facilitating me as I’d been to several taster classes with her. She knew her stuff, embodied what she was teaching and I knew she could handle ANYTHING.

That mattered, a LOT. After years of working with things that didn’t suit me or deliver what they promised, I was able to quickly test the limits of a new modality and get its measure in about two seconds flat.

I did test the limits and as a result, I knew she had my back, would powerfully help in any way she could and that’s what happened.

I had seldom come across a practitioner so dedicated to helping those who want change or coming from such a space of total allowance, non-judgment and kindness. Access Facilitators are trained how to hold that space for clients (and for others in their lives in general) so it is a very cool thing to experience, if you never have before.

I had paid for a 90 minute session with coaching and I loved that I got to sit and talk with her for 30 minutes before the hands on Bars session, so she could get a sense of what I wanted to change and help me to clear things using the verbal tools of Access Consciousness.

As we talked she offered me verbal processing tools appropriate to my different issues and explained how to use them. We began using the Access Conscious clearing statement to untangle the solidity of it all. The room felt electric and I immediately sensed huge shifts as what was being held in place by energies that I’d never been able move on my own was released and untangled.

I was awed, curious, relieved and strangely, lighter.

Hands on Baby – “The Bars®”

After this wow introduction, it was time to begin “having my Bars run”. I lay down and my Facilitator made me comfortable and then began to do the energy pulls on my body, followed by activating and holding the different sets of Bars one at a time.

I had a sensation of deep relaxation and harmony unlike anything else I have experienced.

It was like someone was re-arranging my energy field, the cells in my body (my muscle memories and neural pathways) and working through all the layers to create a new reality. Despite this re-arranging, my anxiety and associated holding patterns had faded into the background and were not active for a good part of the session at least. If they were, they ceased to be important or I couldn’t perceive them because of everything else that was going on.

I felt alive, connected and fully aware. I felt a sense of ease that reminded me of my childhood. Mentally, things started to come up and clear. Some of them I was aware of and others weren’t so clear, I knew it was emotions, limitations and stored hurts. It was like there were so many I could only perceive the top layer, but they were pouring out on multiple layers at the same time, so I wasn’t aware of all of them and that was actually a good thing.

As the session continued, I tried to focus my thoughts on the things I most wanted to change in my life and asked them to be released, and I got the awareness that there was much else to process first, so I let go and my mind wandered after that, I’m not really sure where I went. I felt safe and cared for and somehow that sense of recognition persisted.

I remember asking more questions and after a period we were done. I was blitzed, fried, weary, elated, relieved and lighter, very much lighter and super relaxed deep in my being. In the days that followed, the benefits stayed and I was integrating further shifts and changes into who I was. This took place for around a month afterwards.

What happened next

I knew my life would be different on that first day. I wasn’t sure how, but I was freer.

There wasn’t anything measurable at first or even specifically tangible, but after my 2nd session (around two months later) my life started to shift outwardly. At about session four (around 8 months later) things would change profoundly and my journey would take a forever different trajectory towards the one I’m on now.

As I gained experience as a Life Coach, I realised that many of the people I was working with could also use the benefits of Bars, so I trained as a Bars Practitioner and began taking classes in the tools of Access. By then my reality had started to take large shifts propelling me towards who I was to become. I’ve been so LUCKY to be on this journey.

I am now a qualified Access Bars Facilitator and Body Process Facilitator and see clients privately and teach classes. I am training to become a Worldwide Certified Facilitator so I can teach more advanced classes. I have had significant changes in my health, the abundance in my life and my relationships with others. My perpetual and residual anxiety levels are much easier to manage. My ability to focus and think clearly have changed so much that I’m like a different person.

Why this stuff works

We are all creating energetically all the time (without realising it).

Everything in this reality is energy.

Every living cell, object, emotion, relationship, every action. By better understanding how we create things energetically (as well as psychologically or physically), we are fundamentally empowered to create our lives very deliberately and effectively.

The Access tools allow us the chance to deliberately choose certain energies and clear others. They explain gaps in our knowledge and allow us to change what seems impossible.

For many who have never thought of life in this way, it seems really strange. That’s totally understandable, I get that, it seemed strange to me too.

Having tried many modalities, techniques and therapies for 20 years, that either didn’t do what it promised or that filled in only a tiny part of the puzzle, I was particularly open minded and aware of what was happening during my first Bars session. (I’ve realized that hardened skepticism is often an excuse for those who are fearful or unwilling to change).

Creating using ENERGY is instant, effortless, harmonious and about a million times more effective than making change through more limited means. Although it takes some commitment to master the tools and can be sometimes uncomfortable (adjusting to changes you have chosen), it is relatively painless.

When someone has chronic problems, whether it’s physical problems, emotional issues or patterns they can’t seem to break, it is an energetic entanglement holding them there. The longer the issue has been in place, the more solid the block and the more challenging it is to shift. With dynamic tools like Access, people don’t have to be stuck any more.

Access unmistakeably clears our nonsense. As the saying goes “Energy doesn’t lie”. Therefore, sort out the energy of any situation or entanglement keeping you stuck and BOOM! Instant clarity. A good facilitator will know immediately that something you say doesn’t match the energy of what you are being and show you how to change (if you wish).

This stuff encapsulates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual all at once, so it’s definitely NOT for the faint hearted.

We should really all be born with a CONSCIOUSNESS instruction manual.

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS is so well named. It teaches us to Access what we know using certain tools. Once we are becoming CONSCIOUS by practicing the tools, the effort expended in the way we go about things just falls away. Life becomes simpler and easier and we can accomplish anything we want.

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