The quality of your life isn’t defined by your background, it’s defined by your courage – Juliana Garcia

1. FEAR: “I might be the only person that this won’t work for and I’ll have spent all this time/money for nothing”.

In a sense this is a valid argument lol. I used to make this point myself before I embarked boots and all on my current change journey.

Truthfully, I was super good at rationalizing my way out of anything and I thought I was being a real smart ass. Where this argument became self defeating and not so clever, was that I didn’t have any ideas for how to be better and I was afraid.

Your mammalian brain wants to keep you safe from threats and it rightly, (yet unhelpfully in this instance) registers change as a threat. Be grateful you have good survival instincts. And know that if you need change, you need change. None of us is given a consciousness manual upon arrival on this planet and some of us don’t receive very good life training. There’s nothing wrong with that and it takes courage to admit it.

I’ve never met someone who consistently showed up and did their best every day for whom personal development didn’t work.

2. You are addicted to the trauma and the drama

When we have been brought up in the midst of chaos, it seems normal to us. Our brain gets addicted to it. In fact if it ever goes away, we re-create it, because we are so uncomfortable, we would rather create it and be in charge than have it happen out of our control and deal with the consequences.

If this is us, we don’t know how to be with ourselves comfortably and this is because we have suffered so much, it is too scary. If this resonates, you require body work to remove your trauma, before you can commit consistently to a program of change. If you are contemplating self healing or taking a deep dive into some mentoring, know that you can and will succeed if you want to.

You have enough life experience to furnish you with rich wisdom on your healing journey. My advice, since you’re here, you know when you get the call and it’s better to take a chance on yourself than suffer, struggle and wonder…

3. You don’t trust anyone to help or yourself to know where to start

The best people in the business have done it for themselves and have integrated learned knowledge into wisdom through experience.

You have to start somewhere, so do your research carefully. See who resonates for you and where you are drawn. Reading blogs and consuming free content is a good start. Reading testimonials and having a free Discovery session can also be empowering. 

4. You think you can do it on your own and save a buck

If you could create the future you desire by yourself, you already would have!!

The thing I noticed about doing it alone was, I couldn’t get my own trauma out of my body, I couldn’t see where I was tripping myself up and I was always sick, in emotional pain, anxious and broke, so even though I suspected I could create an amazing life for myself, I knew I needed help to get out from under. I needed people who were free thinkers, that wouldn’t judge me and who cared deeply, because they’d been through it themselves.

Paying those people to help me, was the best decision I have ever made. Healing and learning how to develop Energetic and Emotional Self Mastery for myself has changed the trajectory of my future.

Healing has allowed me to change my physiology, be at ease in my own skin and to feel in charge of my life and choices. I now have the base from which I can manifest my desires and achieve whatever level of greatness is important to me.

5. Your priorities aren’t straight and you’re not giving valuing investing in your future progress

The reason we hire a plumber, hairdresser or any other service is because it saves wasted effort, time and money, stress, mistakes. When you think about it, when it comes to your well-being, future, mental health, goals, relationships, career, health and income, isn’t having the right guidance the best decision you could make?

Being supported while you change, having personalized feedback and support, healing and learning the skills with which to develop Energetic and Emotional Self Mastery is something that will benefit you not only now, but always. It facilitates your accomplishments, changes your vibration, your self opinion, choices, your level of ease and the people you have in your life.

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