What started off as anxiety management strategies and healing CFS for me has morphed into a quest to reach peak performance and flow states, so I can get the best from myself in all areas of life.

This is particularly important in my business, in terms of being a good role model, creating content and attending to clients. To deliver my best for them and be fully present and connected to my knowing, I must be on point, relaxed and full of energy.

The strategies I use give me vitality and focus, prevent me from being affected by seasonal illness and allows me to continue to heal on emotional and energetic levels, whilst minimiazing any situational or residual anxiety that might arise.

It wasn’t always this way. As someone who has a past legacy of GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety and CFS, (which is now proven to be one of those immune diseases linked to past trauma), great self care has been a minimum bottom line for me for a long time.

Here’s how I accomplish this:

Daily Breathing Practice

I’ve been doing Pranayama for around 30 minutes a day for a year. What a difference it makes! I’ve noticed with this practice, that changes accumulate with time. So after six months the changes weren’t much, but now they are quite pronounced.

For someone who has already undone so much past trauma, I was surprised what a powerful difference it makes.

I’m noticing positive changes to my sympathetic (stressed) nervous system and para-sympathetic (calm) nervous system.

I am able to switch from ‘on the go’ to calm and back again very easily. I handle full on stress more easily and am less reactive. I am able to be in my relaxed nervous system much more and this is a huge change for me.

The benefits of this are surprising. My levels of wellness are improved (no more head colds every time it gets cooler), my body is functioning better, I feel like I have less toxic load. My thinking is easier and I definitely am clearer, can plan and organize better and notice I have far more creativity and inspiration.

Less tolerations and taking charge of things

I’m more proactive. If something is bothering me, I notice, I evaluate what’s required and act accordingly. I am decisive and don’t hesitate to take action in another direction, switch something up, or change my approach to something if I sense it would be beneficial.

Passivity was a previous trauma response for me. I think I must have previously felt helpless no matter what I did, so often what felt safest was doing nothing. I used to be a people pleaser, putting others first, I seldom do that now.


I have found a phenomenal yoga teacher through my social networks who delivers just what my body requires every time. Venues alter from a pink carpeted yurt with essential oils and poetry to outdoors in nature up above the sea with a full caucophony of animal and bird sounds and beautiful energies all around.

Part of my professional development at the moment involves kundalini yoga exercises. It’s a cutting edge therapy course I’m undertaking, run by conscious individuals who understand the mind-body-soul link.

I’m discovering a world of ancient science that creates miracles in the body. It’s simply incredible to me that touching fingers together in a certain way and breathing in a certain sequence and using certain motions releases trauma or opens the heart. I can’t wait to learn more!

Learning New Skills

Being immersed in something related to my soul purpose (my work) and healing myself that is rich in great energy and new content that relates to my own life experiences is wonderful.

I am so greatful to be a part of the training that I’m doing and was so very fortunate to qualify for a scholarship based on peer recommendations and the value of the contribution I am already making in my field of expertise with the people I am blessed to assist.


These have changed quite a bit since I last wrote on this subject. I am now taking a multi mineral supplement and neuro mag which is phenomenally good.

The neuro mag seems to help with cognition, memory, calming electrical circuitry and reducing anxiety. It seems to support a healthy, quick and active brain, as does the multi mineral supplement which allows my body to run all of it’s processes really well.

Trauma Release Work

I began professional supervision this year as a part of therapist training I am undergoing that is very experiential. I began EMDR and discovered for me it is phenomenal. I can literally feel stuff unravelling at the time and processing afterwards for several days and then beyond that too. Each time I have a session using this, my life changes for the better.

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