Access Consciousness Sessions With Rose - Ideal for Empaths, Trauma Release & much more


Access Consciousness teaches you to Access your own inner knowing to change the ENERGY of anything in your life.

Everything in this reality is energy, including the device you are reading this on, the chair you are sitting on, the air you are breathing, all of your thoughts and feelings….everything.

If you can change energy, you can change anything.

Access empowers you in the following ways: 

  • Tools to assist you manage your life and create your future
  • Body processes to release old pains, pathways & realities
  • Energetic clearings to create change and let go of the past

As a highly aware intuitive, using psychology alone, or efforting to set goals, manage my thoughts feelings, emotions and create change, wasn’t enough. Something was always missing for me and pain I encountered on a daily basis that always held me back wasn’t addressed by any of these things. 

Here’s an example that you may relate to…


Let’s say, l became aware when someone was hating on me. In the past, I would feel miserable, let that energy inside myself and feel too paralysed by the pain to do anything about it. 

People could tell me: “It’s none of your business what anyone thinks about you”, or similar and that wasn’t comforting in the slightest. It added to the pain that I seemed crippled by something that others seemed to just ignore, whilst carrying on with their lives quite happily.  

Taking that hate and returning the ENERGY of it to SENDER with consciousness attached, (an Access tool that not only frees the user of that energy, but also empowers the person hating if they can receive it too), freed me for the first time, from that scenario. This is just a very basic tool of hundreds more Access offers, for changing energies and taking charge of your life. 

After years of being told I “was too sensitive” and “get over it” when something to do with another person was bothering me, I saw, I could take action to not hold the energy of it inside me. From there, I started to see my perceptiveness as a superpower instead of a gigantic handicap. I shifted 180 degrees from feeling chronically powerless, to being in awe of the potency we all possess. Suddenly, everything that never made sense to me before, made sense. 

Once I began to understand what was possible with these tools, instead of being stuck and in pain, I began to be able to create what I wanted instead. Of course like any tool set, they take time to get good at.  Knowing which one to use in any given instance and when to get someone to facilitate you all comes with practice. As we change, it takes time to integrate the results of our efforts and embody a new frequency.  

Once I found my way with Access, I went to every class I could attend, consumed all the information I could and worked my butt off to become a phenomenal facilitator. Private sessions I had with people freed me and helped me get my life back. I will always be grateful to them and the creators of this modality. 

It is my absolutely privilege to share these tools with you and to pass on what I know and to offer body work and facilitation sessions that can assist you on your journey. 

The Relationship between Energy and Body Work

Do you or does someone you know keep getting stuck at the same place, despite your efforts to create change?  

Whatever we experience is stored as electrical circuitry in in the body and brain. We register these electrical impulses as thoughts, feelings, emotions, points of view, judgments, traumas, dramas, sensations or impressions. 

Over time these pathways become well worn and ingrained, locking you in to old patterns, even when you have been efforting to get free, change and accomplish your goals. Human physiology can work against us in this way. 

Receiving Access body processes, may assist you with unlocking your body, clearing this circuitry and creating space you can fill with new choices, habits, patterns and beliefs. 

The Access Bars - create freedom, clarity, relaxation & stress, relieve anxiety & depression

Access Bars is the Flagship body Process from Access Consciousness and it is different from all other body work because it works heavily on the neural pathways and also on the body and being.  

During a Bars session 32 points on the head are lightly held. These allow the all the electrical circuitry holding old patterns in place to release, so you can start to get free. This can be a little like clearing out your ‘hard drive’.  Afterwards, you may feel like you are ‘seeing life in high definition’ again. 

These 32 points on the head are related to different areas of life and living such as creativity, communication, how you give meaning to the world, your dreams, joy, sadness, healing and much more….

Because you are releasing old, heavy circuitry that was embedded in your muscle and cellular memory, neural pathways and energy field, the body is no longer weighted down in the same way and may feel vital as a result. Some changes that people may notice are lowered stress, better relaxation, improved sleep, easier pregnancy and less physical symptoms in the body. 

Neuroscientist Jeffery Fannin did a study into the Bars and found that one session can put someone in a brainwave state equivalent to someone who has meditated for 20 years. The technical name for that brainwave state is coherence. It is like being connected to every molecule in the Universe making receiving Bars a very blissful experience for many. 

In this state, you can (often for the first time in years) get a sense of new possibilities and how good we are made to feel. This is so valuable in conjunction with creating personal transformation or undertaking life coaching with me. Having your Bars run can leave you with enormous clarity, access to your inner voice (without so much clutter and distraction), creativity and a sense of inspiration.That is why high achievers also love to have their Bars run as they can access flow states to get further ahead. 

Bars is absolutely brilliant for people who have had little relief from trauma, abuse, anxiety or depression. Dr Terrie Hope PhD in her longditudinal study found that people undertaking a series of Bars sessions experienced a significant decline in anxiety and depression. Bars is also great for conditions like ADHD, Aspergers and Autism and may often work well where nothing else has proven valuable.

Will you Benefit from Access?

Access can benefit anyone, however, I mainly work with a few types of clients: 


The more stuck you are, the more powerful you can find Access for unlocking you. Highly stuck people are highly aware people and the more tuned in you are, the more energies can seem paralysing. If you are empathetic, Access will likely work powerfully for you because you are highly connected to your awareness of energy. 


If you have had trauma and abuse, Access can be a game changer for you. If you have had therapy or counselling and are it didn’t change much for you, Access may unlock what is being carried in your body that keeps firing off and holding you in the past. 

Many of my clients have found therapy partly helpful or unhelpful. This is because talking typically doesn’t release trauma. For highly aware people, far from helping, sitting for an hour a week in ‘what is wrong’ can actually make them feel worse. 

I see a lot of Mums and children. It’s important to note that children respond really well to Bars and in as little as one or two sessions, it may be that your child lets go of upset and also develops significant improvements in focus and concentration. 


If you are creative, open minded, visionary and want to be even more exceptional, having your Bars run, can give you an unfair advantage and ability to focus, be creative and access flow states. 

If you are feeling excited reading this, or a sense of hope, possibility or even relief, than these tools and processes will likely work effectively for you. 

How to work with Me with the
Access tools & Body Processes

In person:  


  • Access Bars – with or without verbal facilitation. 
  • Other Body Processes – with or without facilitation
  • Teaching of tools, techniques and perspectives you can use  for creating change in your life/healing. 
  • Verbal facilitation – can be done with or without body processing to create change, clarity & empowerment in specific areas. 
  • The Abuse Hold Process – a one off, stand alone process that requires specific preparation. 


  • Verbal facilitation to create change, clarity and empowerment in specific areas. 
  • Teaching of tools, techniques and perspectives you can use for creating change in your life/healing
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