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Why Do Bars Training?

  • You may have friends & family who would receive Bars® from you, but wouldn’t necessarily seek out a session with a stranger.
  • You have family with specific needs or difficulties for whom Bars® may provide relief. For example learning difficulties, ADHD, Aspergers, stress, depression or anxiety. Being able to run their Bars is life changing for them and a cost effective investment.
  • You are a healer, therapist or beautician who would like to add this soothing and therapeutic treatment to your range of services.
  • You have benefited from Bars® and would like to know more about Access. The Bars® is a pre requisite class for all future Access classes.
  • You can do swaps with other Practitioners and get your Bars® run for free. The Access community is a supportive one whether you are looking for which tool to use, or to ask a question.
  • You can take paid clients after completing your one day practitioner training and gain experience practicing the Bars® while you get paid.
  • You will receive a lot of change on the training day from the clearings that are run, the sessions you receive and give (two of each) and the tools you will be taught that allow you to create change and more consciousness. You can ask questions and I will facilitate you with anything ‘on top’ so you can start to get a sense of what facilitation is and the tools available to you as a Bars® Practitioner and Access student.
  • You may be an existing Bars® Practitioner looking to repeat your training to qualify yourself towards becoming a Bars® Facilitator.

Who Is Bars Training For?

  • Anyone interested in the energies of the human body who would like to create more ease for themselves and others.
  • Beauticians, healers or coaches looking to add this nurturing, relaxing process to their services.
  • Bars Practitioners looking to refresh their skills or do a repeat towards their facilitator training. (If you attend 3 Bars training’s with 3 different facilitators, you can apply to become a facilitator).
  • Those who require regular Bars sessions or who have a family member requiring regular Bars sessions.
  • Becoming a practitioner is a cost effective option as swaps with other practitioners are available.

What Does Each Bars Class Include?

  • An introduction to the Modality known as Access Consciousness and what it offers and how the Bars came about.
  • The Access Clearing Statement and basic Energetic Tools you can use to create change.
  • Coaching by a Licensed Access Bars Facilitator or Access Certified Facilitator.
  • Viewing “Access The Bars” DVD* where founder, Gary Douglas personally demonstrates the technique.
  • Receiving and gifting two full Bars sessions under supervision while you gain confidence.
  • A comprehensive manual and head chart and be taught how to conduct sessions as a Bars Practitioner.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Achievement.
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What My Students Have To Say

bars course nelson new zealand

"I have had my Bars® done by Rose and I have also attended two workshops and completed the Access Bars® Training with her.

"Rose is an amazing practitioner and teacher and I appreciate her integrity and professionalism.

Rose is always open and willing to share her knowledge and go the extra mile when she is teaching or as a Practitioner. And I love the humour."

Marilyn Nairn

"I’ve had the pleasure of Rose train me in Bars® with a lovely group of people. Rose is a very comfortable and relaxed facilitator who knows her magic when teaching.

She is talented at working with tools and is really knowledgable. I love Access Consciousness® for healing, as it deals directly with the psychology of a person.

I came from a healing background and love how empowering the Bars and Access is – such a great compliment to what I already know.

The clearings and tools are amazing at creating change. I feel expanded and like my life, it’s getting better everyday. My intuition has improved, my capacities have expanded and I am a lot more in control and in tune.

Rose is very gentle and respectful with a lot of laughter and patience as a facilitator. Thanking you Rose for creating with me and the other students, you rock."

Akasha Montana

bars course nelson new zealand

"Just completed Bars® Training with Rose.

As a facilitator she is wonderful, real, grounded and aware.

Excited for what is to come. What else is possible?"

Anne McCormack

Gabriel Silverstone, Video Testimonial

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Questions You May Have

Yes. This 1 day class (8+ hours) is an excellent choice to both experience and learn Access Bars. In a Bars class you will gift and receive Bars twice (4 sessions in total) and will leave the class actually prepared to run someone else’s Bars. This can be fantastic for people serious about receiving the benefits of this work because you will be able to “trade” with people instead of continuing to pay for private sessions. Private sessions can often be close to the same fee as taking this one day class, so if you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck, then attending the class might be for you. Again, it gives you the know how to begin attending Gifting and Receiving trades or running Bars with friends and family or in your business right away. The choice is yours.

Yes. Kids are always welcome to every class offered by Access. In fact children to age 15 come for free to all classes world wide. Kids age 16, 17 & 18 are half price. Children are always welcome to take the classes as a participant or just be in the class playing with other kids. They learn quickly and love learning the Bars, running other people’s Bars and getting their Bars run.

Yes. many people around the world have created a business of their own with just the Bars. Others have found it to be a great compliment to what they already offer in their practice. There is nothing that adding regular Bars sessions to can not improve the results of.

Access Bars facilitators are highly trained and many are very experienced at what they do. Not only do we understand the material we are teaching, we will also facilitate on the day of class and will be powerfully present in the group in a way that allows students to grow, gain personal awareness and have all the knowledge and tools to become competent practitioners themselves. I am also an Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator and have attended more advanced classes in the tools of Access to add to my knowledge and the depth with which I can work with people. I am well on my way towards becoming a World Wide Certified Facilitator and have completed many hours of 1 on 1 personal sessions, working with bodies and teaching. Many of my students and clients have experienced incredible results.
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