“By empowering one person at a time to create an amazing life, the odds of a generative, supportive and sustainable future for the planet and mankind as a whole become greatly enhanced” – Rose Aitken

I’m just a girl from down under who has learned a lot (formally and informally) and wants to pass on the benefits of that to others.

My life was not always a smooth trajectory and in the process of uncovering what I required to become the person I am today, I became expert at creating change both personally and seeing what is required in others to create the changes they are looking for.

I became interested in personal development early on, reading Your Erroneous Zones by Dr Wayne Dwer at 13, but it would be many years and a long struggle before what I had encountered and experienced began to make real sense to me. As a young person I noticed the adults in my world not coping and I knew there had to be another way.

It wasn’t until I left home that I began to understand the legacy I’d been left and it’s impact on my psche and ability to deal with life. Back then, there were not as many options but I tried everything I could find. This included meditation, yoga, religion, assertiveness training, anger management, therapy, counselling, relaxation training and CBT.  I had some interesting experiences such as living in a half way house at 18 for six months where I received so much healthy love and support that had always been missing for me and I learned much about people from other backgrounds and the different challenges that people face.

None of these things worked for me long term but each gave me insights, or solved a very small part of the puzzle. I used to make this a wrongness of me and was extremely frustrated and often depressed. I (created) and endured CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), multiple anxiety disorders, co-dependence issues and I was often bewildered and frustrated me as to why I couldn’t create the changes I deeply desired. As a young woman, I lacked support,  emotional guidance and connection with others and therefore the emotional wisdom, inner resourcefulness and consistency I needed to harness my talents and succeed.

Despite this, I didn’t give up and I kept taking risks – often in direct opposition to my challenges (a very painful and traumatic way of showing up in the world). I also noticed that somewhere along the way, I’d developed a huge sense of compassion and instinctive understanding of others. People started to come to me for help. I have a corporate background and marketing degree and loved the people aspect of this, but found the work meaningless. For a while, I worked teaching youth and long term unemployed and loved my job, but I was destined for other things.

I eventually left the souless corporate environment and after a relationship breakdown, I decided to change everything, including how I earned my money, so I signed up to train as a life coach. Interestingly, as soon as I chose to dedicate my life to working with others, I began to get the breakthroughs I had always been looking for. This was incredibly joyful for me – coming across that thing, I’d always known must have existed. I’d found my wheelhouse (yay!!) and the process of consistently applying the tools to mixed results (and then better and better effect) was a less anxious one for me.

Those changes came via two very dynamic sets of tools that I now primarily use in working with my clients and students. Both use energy and combine science, psychology and spirituality to create rapid and powerful change. Whilst I am able to work in many different ways with people including offering healing sessions, I’ve found that these tools not only add to traditional pschological and physical based programs, but exponentialize results and make a completely different set of possibilities available.

My life is radically different and my story has a very positive outcome. I get to manage my health and lifestyle in a way that works for me, I have a thriving business and mentoring practice, amazing kind and caring friends, great money flows and I get to travel and attend classes and events around the world. The main things I want people to understand is that if I can do it, anyone can and it is always worth the journey, because no matter how challenging your start, if you keep persisting, you have to succeed.

What started out for me as a way of dealing with pain, has revealed itself as the formula for a joyful and expansive life and existance. In the process of doing the inner work of change, I’ve developed the skills to fast track anything I wish to, with a lot of ease. I’ve become resiliant and adpatable and you can too! It took me ages to realize this, as I used to feel I’d been disadvantaged and was behind others. Once I started to see people I used to look up to and I realized that while they were standing still, somehow even with all my challenges, I had grown so much, I had outcreated them.

My role as a coach is something that I am blessed and honored to do. I am inspired to create with the people that come across my work and have the courage to reach out and say that they are looking for greater. I realize how difficult that can be at first and also how vital it is to have someone impartial with expert knowledge and the benefit of experience and accumulated wisdom to be supportive and profer feedback.

Coaching is a partnership and I don’t direct or give you your answers, I show you how to find yours and give you the guidance with which you can access your inner wisdom and powerfully create change. My genius is facilitating people to a different possibility and seeing where they limit themselves and holding space for them to get that awareness too.

Please take time to enjoy looking around, read my blog, download my free ebooks or ask me a question.

I often run classes and events locally and am also open to travel to run training and classes, so if you would like to host me in your town or city, please fill out the details below.

Arohanui, Rose

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