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Hi I’m Rose,

I’m passionate about empowering people to lead their best lives and become the person they dream of being, whilst achieving their goals and increasing their happiness levels. This makes the planet a better place as all of those people have an impact and positive effect on the people around them and those whom they come into contact with.

It is my life’s mission that no body suffer or underachieve because they lack the tools and skills to thrive like I did when I was younger. I have been fortunate to learn and master these as an adult and am blessed to now pass these on to others.

Although I am incredibly grateful for my life and childhood, my story began in a not so great emotional place, as I grew up in a dysfunctional household, was severely bullied at school and lacked role models and support growing up.

The combined result of all that was that I began to hate me. I had chronic health problems, depression, a bunch of anxiety disorders and as a young woman, I cast myself into a number of abusive relationships, experienced eating disorders and struggled in every aspect of my life and living. For many years, I was broke, lost, felt deeply disconnected, dis-empowered and stuck.

I knew life could be better though and had begun a life-long obsession with personal development, spirituality and psychology at a young age, reading Dr Wayne Dwyer’s books at age 13 and becoming aware of mental health issues way before it was popular to know about them.

What I didn’t anticipate was that my own journey would be so painful, so lengthy and tough before I would ultimately regain control of my life and find my own answers. As I have always been quite stubborn and used to be quite resistant to change, it was going to take quite a bit for me to be broken open enough to listen to life, self examine rigorously and to uncover my true calling and purpose.

Whilst going the motions of everyday life and navigating through many trials and tribulations, I tried everything I could think of for my health and mind. Things like therapy, counselling, stress management, co-dependency treatment, assertiveness training and many health modalities, such as chelation therapy, vitamin C mega dosing, hair mineral analysis, homeopathy, naturopathy, accupuncture, religion, yoga, self help books and meditation to name a few.

Frustratingly, none of these things was the money ticket for me, but unexpectedly I began to piece together a broad and deep understanding of many aspects of life and well-being, which meant other people were coming to me for advice. I also developed a strong sense of compassion and began to understand my leadership capacities.

By my late 30s I had acquired a degree in business and had one job I really loved – working with youth and long term unemployed, but with that completed, my governmental contract work based in Australia, was boring me to death. I shifted countries to the US to make a fresh start in a new relationship and when that failed, I returned to Australia and then NZ to start again.

I knew deep down I felt crappy because I was on the wrong path and what scared me more than changing was staying as I was. I knew that somehow if I’d continued that way I would have died. It was time to find a real and compelling purpose, change my ways of thinking and coping with life, re-wire my nervous system and anxiety levels, improve my health, weight and energy levels and earn money in a way that meant something to me.

I took a leap of faith and enrolled in life coaching training. Shortly after I discovered a body of work known as Access Consciousness and I haven’t looked back. It was slow going at first, but eventually became easier and I was to discover that my real talents would come to light the more I mastered my own inner world. I found my wheelhouse in combining everything I already knew with the science of personal change and the study of energy.

In the process of making my own improvements and discovering that freedom and healing does exist on the other side of self-inquiry, consciousness and having the right tools, I began working with others and helping them get free as well. I went on to complete my training, do more advanced training as a coach, healer and facilitator and began teaching.

In overcoming my own adversity and integrating the use of these tools into my own daily life, my capacities of intuition and awareness for others have grown and expanded massively. I’ve become expert at knowing where others are limiting themselves, reflecting that so they can receive it and empowering them with the correct knowledge and skills to change it.

These days I conduct regular classes and private sessions which change people’s lives. I use a unique combination of methods and modalities in which to do this. I work in that space where science, psychology, healing and spirituality intersect, to create dynamic, permanent and profound changes in people’s lives.

I do this primarily through private mentorship programs of 6, 12 or 26 weeks. (These are available online or in person) I also offer Access Consciousness private sessions and classes which I teach around the world, including the One Day Bars Practitioner training and the Four Day Foundation Class. I run local workshops in Nelson in Law of Attraction, Manifesting and Consciousness and am available to speak at your group or event.

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With love

Rose xo

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Rose Aitken is a mentor offering a different approach to changing your life.

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