Rapid and sustainable personal change and spiritual development is very possible these days.

With cutting edge tools and new information available, and upgrades in the collective consciousness, the speed of the vibration here on earth is rapidly increasing. Our options for who/how we want to become and for managing that change process are also upgrading. 

Many of us who came here to choose transformation and enlightment, or to be a light worker (escorting in those changes), are now finding that is unfolding, almost seemingly, despite ourselves.  

It can seem as if we are being almost forced into stepping up and choosing change. As a friend joked this afternoon, it’s as though we have been ‘hijacked’ by the Universe.

The truth is light worker or not, none of us ever feels ready for change when it ‘happens’ although we may become competent at recognizing the signs and allowing.

On the surface of it, we are experiencing inner pain as a result of external events. What is really happening is our purpose is emerging and everything as we’ve known it before is breaking down.

This change may be accompanied by emotional crisis and it requires addressing in a real, urgent and insistent fashion.  

“The bit before the breakthrough, feels like a breakdown” – Dr Dain Heer”

Whilst this is presenting as a mental health crisis collectively, (and it is) there is also a bigger picture at play. A new world order is gradually taking effect, and it’s emergence requires a sustainable physical and emotional landscape.

Old heavy, entrained and toxic ways of the past, must go, so that a new, interconnected, loving, responsible, futuristic society, can emerge.

Set against this chaotic collective unfolding, the personal change journey is bittersweet, extraordinary, humbling, intense and incredible undertaking.

The Universe is incredibly gentle and kind with re-directing us on our pathway, until we resist and even once we do. However, if we insist on staying stuck, I’ve noticed that the prompts and ‘opportunities’ to shift timelines, become increasingly relentless, uncomfortable and intense.

Ultimately, everything around us breaks apart and like a shipwreck survivor on a life raft, we reach out for help.

Once we embrace the way forwards, we tend to feel a sense of relief, or knowing. We may start to see the bigger picture and acknowledge it. The sense of purpose that envelops us along the way and Universal prompts, gives us a certainty that helps buffer us, when the pain comes and we experience the fire of rebirth.

Many are dealing with traumas, old emotional patterns coming up to release and people falling out of our lives who are no longer a match. As vibrational upgrades happen, it can seem as if our inner world is shifting on it’s axis.

There may be external issues requiring our attention, but these are of secondary importance unless except as tools to hone our observation of self and our learning experiences.

We are being prompted to acquire a level of emotional mastery to help us with this unraveling. Many are seeking answers in the spiritual realm to guide us and assist with understanding our individual and collective purpose at this time.

Here are some themes that are coming up in the change process and how you can negotiate them:


Resistance is a peculiar beast. It’s like a protection mechanism when we are very uncomfortable with the changes we are making and with the amount that the new us showing up and putting ourselves out there.

As we get freer, we inevitably take risks, more responsibility and accountability. We indulge less in avoidance behaviors, addictions, or perhaps our health is improved, our income grows. We don’t rely on the same excuses, or not as much.

Resistance is natural and it is our ego (or our reptilian brain) keeping us safe from the discomforting effects of change. It’s important when in it’s grip, that we reach out, maintain good self care, habits and continue forwards. We will have throw back moments, hours and days, but they will reduce.

Resistance is a sign that things are working. However, consistency is key, as is allowance for mistakes. There is no right nor wrong. It is a journey and everything is about choice. It takes courage and some mettle to maintain our resolve and keep course correcting, where necessary.

TIP: In the face of strong resistance, stop fighting. Allow it to come up and overwhelm you. Feel into it, speak to it directly. Thank it for keeping you safe and stuck. Tell it you have got this now and it can go. Send it on it’s way. You will feel it loosen and diminish it’s hold on you.

If you drop the ball, get out of the wrongness of you and learn self kindness in the process. It’s a wonderful skill to cultivate.


We can be messed up sad, and angry one minute and calm and light the next. We really aren’t taught this. We are taught to hold an angry space and persist in that and even to defend it, or if someone is sad, they’ll be that way for a while.

Energy is instantaneous and emotions can change quickly too. Now I’m not suggesting we are unstable and changing like the weather every 10 seconds. What I am suggesting is don’t keep throwing good energy after bad.

If you get to a place where what you’re doing isn’t working, change it. It’s okay to do so. You are allowed to learn new ways of responding and to experiment with mastering your state, whatever that looks like for you.

TIP: We will have primary emotional patterns and it can feel very disruptive when they start to dislodge and we’re not sure if we can just step out of them and into a new vibe or space. We totally can.

Be in a supportive space around others you can trust and take time on your own through this process. This will develop your resilience, self awareness and confidence.


Almost all of my clients report this. Beautiful moments, ‘chance’ meetings and opportunities, new connections and friendships and support from unexpected places are just some of these.  

There may even be spiritual experiences, that may feel natural and normal, given the level of commitment to out creating previous challenges, developing an understanding of our inner world and creating a different future.  

TIP: Once we are aligned with soul driven change and we are following our purpose, people, places and things show up to support us.

Stay open to receiving and being out there. Life has your back and you’ve got this. You are brave for embarking on this stage of the journey, and you know what you’re doing on the deepest level.  

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