Many people who could benefit hugely from mentoring  just don’t understand how it can assist them and help them improve their lives. These are great people who either are lacking the right support to flourish, or just don’t have all the skills they need to reach their potential and as a result they may be struggling in one or more areas of life..

Not only does mentoring enable them to lose their tolerations and the things that pain them and trip them up which creates a positive ripple effect in all other areas of their life. It also allows them to enhance the aspects of themselves that are already working well, allowing them to become the person they most want to become now and achieve the future outcomes they would like later on.

Creating that sort of change can be frustrating, elusive and unattainable without the right support, encouragement and feedback which a great mentor naturally provides. There are many empowering tools and techniques that life coaching, mentoring and facilitation offers, that aren’t available from a counsellor, class or spiritual development group, Those things are all good and provide learning, connection and growth, but they don’t offer a personalized and expert, one stop shop for how to go next level in your life and your personal development.

Here are some aspects of mentoring you might not have considered before:

  1. Mentoring will illuminate those frustrating places where we know we are limited but we can’t see for ourselves how to unblock them.

Most of us know only too well those frustrating places where you don’t see how you are staying stuck or small or why your progress isn’t going the way you would like.

A good mentor will see your patterns, where you are creating limitations and cycling through counterproductive habits or patterns. They will tell you in a direct and caring manner, so you can have the A-ha and then help you to change them.

Once identified, the thing that seemed bigger than us seems to shrink and in our knowing differently, we have a choice. From there, we can see our way to a greater possibility, clear that block and out-create our previous knowledge and decisions.

  1. Mentoring will support and encourage you to be greater than ever before

With a fantastic mentor who has my back, I can seem to reach for all the best parts of me and expand on them. I can choose greater and it doesn’t feel like a struggle and it is a bit less scary.

It’s not just the fact that she has been where I’m at or that she gets me, although that’s part of it. It’s not just her great empathy or guidance or the plethora of solutions and options that are generated from out discussions.

When two heads combine on an issue, challenge or struggle, there is something energetically that shifts to start to change it.

When I am supported with all my business endeavours, I am more willing to take risks because there is help and feedback available that will enable me fine tune my strategies for greater success. I either learn or I accomplish more, so it is a win, no matter what.

Should I hit the wall emotionally, we will process what is going on internally that is stopping me from being willing to have a greater possibility so that it can change. I currently have a business coach and seek facilitation for my personal stuff from a talented friend who I respect and admire.

  1. Mentoring will allow you to build on the positive and eliminate the negative at the same time

My favourite strategy with most clients is to help them to extend the best parts of themselves (it is always easy and a good place to start) whilst helping them clear out the negative or challenges that come to the surface as we go.

These approaches feed into each other – the more we eliminate barriers to success, the more we up our game in every arena, the less focus there is on the negatives, the more we feel powerful and they tend to resolve or dissolve – sometimes of their own accord, but sometimes with specific work.

The point is – while the epic parts are expanding and we are feeling powerful and accomplished, it’s hard to feel that the negative bits are bigger than us and when the challenges resolve, we suddenly become aware of our limitless nature and can take the positives to a new level of awesomeness.

  1. Mentoring will help you realize that your barriers were never real

When I am encouraged and supported to go beyond what I thought I couldn’t change, I perceive that I was limiting myself based on past experiences, old conditioning or fear of my greatness.

Sometimes, it’s not until we have deliberately worked past our upper limits a number of times, that we understand how limitations are beneficial (or we wouldn’t use them) and can be changed whenever we are truly ready.

  1. Mentoring allows you to grow and develop much more rapidly, quickly allowing yourself to earn back your original investment and have a better life now and in the future

People are often fearful about investing in changing their life. Although there is always risk inherent in every decision, when it comes to our lives, there is a much greater cost in staying stuck.

The longer we accommodate negative thinking, poor habits, health challenges, being broke, a lack of confidence, not being able to say no or stand up for ourselves or take those opportunities we know we deserve, the more ingrained and harder to shift these things can seem.

Those things become a part of our story and we live from that space instead of becoming who we know we could be and want to be.

There are a lot of free resources available these days to create change and used with discipline and self-awareness you can go a long way with these and I have done this myself when I’ve had limited resources.

This doesn’t compare with having EXPERT advice and strategies TAILORED for YOU and your particular circumstances, that can help you overcome your specific blocks and expand on your unique talents, abilities and perspectives allows you to become greater and create rapid CHANGE and MOMENTUM.

How much is costing you each week, month and year to keep tolerating what isn’t working for you?

How much more ease (and peace of mind) would you have, money would you make, phenomenal people would you connect with, courage would you find….if you weren’t avoiding investing in yourself and your future?

How much pain, suffering and stuckness are you willing to endure before you will consider a different possibility? (This is not a judgment, I have been there too).

  1. Mentoring will allow you to Quantum leap out of your current situation

The fact that you are here and reading this means you are someone looking for answers and solutions. Many people have broken families, a lack of support and in our culture where we require money to have choices and ease, there is a huge cost and struggle associated with not having the skills/knowledge we need to do well in life.

If we are up against depression, anxiety, money struggles, wellness/energy problems or just wanting to do better and get more out of life, land that promotion, get more confidence, our ideal body or relationship or start our own successful business, life coaching can be the best investment you will ever make.

My clients tell me they are simply amazed at what they can create with my support and so grateful they made the decision to work with me. I love watching their delighted faces when they learn a tool or technique that will get them to where they need to go or they realize they can finally let go of that thing that has been frustrating them for a long time.

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Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash