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  1. You no longer gossip or judge
  2. You sincerely wish others well and are happy for their success
  3. You know that you are the creator of everything in your experience and no person, thing or experience that isn’t relevant for you, can come across your path.
  4. You are part of the solution, never part of the problem on any topic.
  5. You are hard to trigger, as you have healed most past hurts and have nothing to prove.
  6. Ego is mostly redundant and if it pops up, you quickly recognize it and address what is going on internally.
  7. You have a present/future focus, whilst being immensely grateful for the past.
  8. You aren’t ‘nice’, but you are kind and good to others because you can and it feels good.
  9. You are authentic because it’s the only way to be and you are learning to express yourself directly and with care.
  10. If someone messes with you, you let them know with calm authority that is unacceptable
  11. You don’t live in a state of crisis any more. Your existence is drama free and so is your immediate environment.
  12. You are committed to your life and living and you like it, a lot.
  13. You don’t work, you play and you love it!!
  14. You know what a human, frequency chart is, and you are maintain your vibration in a range that is conducive to a happy present and an abundant, healthy future.
  15. You feel wealthy, no matter what the state of your bank account and you manifest opportunities and abundance effectively.
  16. You are aligned with your goals and you have a purpose that lights you up, sets your hair on fire and gets you leaping out of bed each morning.
  17. You have become discerning about the company you keep and whilst you like to assist others, it is only from a full cup. Your friends support you to do/be better.
  18. You listen to your body and do what it requires.
  19. You have FUN on the daily
  20. You respect others, you gave up control a long time ago and you legitimately understand that all bad behavior is a result of pain and there is no need to respond to it unless you choose.
  21. You are valued and loved (by yourself and others) and you acknowledge your human needs.
  22. You are fully responsible for all your choices, decisions and the outcomes and you don’t blame.
  23. You follow people who inspire you and lift you up and you know some of them.
  24. You don’t worship money nor fear it. You know it’s just an energy you can receive easily and you aren’t afraid to create more.
  25. You are working to enhance your strengths and minimize or improve anything that bothers you.
  26. You quickly deal with problems or upsets and you are resilient and resourceful.
  27. You have a growth mindset and believe that everything can be changed. You know neuroplasticity is real and energy can be altered.
  28. You contribute to others and commune with them. Communing is a state of alignment and expansion that dominates many of your professional and personal encounters.
  29. You appreciate everything, even your fuck ups and challenges.
  30. You know pain is an invitation to become greater. You welcome pain because on the other side of processing it honestly, is expansion and ultimately freedom.
  31. You know life has a purpose and that you are divinely supported and you trust in yourself and something greater than you.
  32. You know others will consistently be who they are and whilst you are trusting, you trust your gut more and you are never naive.
  33. You have stable and open friendships and relationships with others. You don’t look for love, you are love.

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