DISCOMFORT – Your ability to escort yourself through discomfort will determine your ability to transform your life and your future.

RESILIENCE – True resilience is sustaining yourself with love, care and kindness under any circumstances. It is also attracting and cultivating the relationships and resources that will support you in that, when the time comes.

ACTION – You don’t have to be perfect to start. Taking action leads to insight, clarity and awareness and often rapid expansion and improvement.

DELIBERATE SELF IMPROVEMENT – You can be extremely grateful for your life and working to create an even better future at the same time. One makes the other easier.

CUTTING TIMELINES TO SUCCESS – Want to quantum leap into your future success? Adopt the mindset and behaviors of the future version of you today. You will instantly start to bridge the gap between what you most desire and who you know yourself to be.

Make it even more powerful, by imagining your desired future mindset, characteristics, goals, habits, aquisitions and lifestyle as already existing, starting today. The subconscious can’t tell the difference between visualization and reality and will start to automatically shift, to bring those things to fruition.

JUDGEMENT – Those who judge you are defending their poor choices and unable to express their admiration for what you are willing to have in your life that they are not.

GETTING UNSTUCK – Next time you seem stuck, ask: What do I know about this that I haven’t acknowledged? What would (name of someone you admire) do about this?

UNHIDE YOUR POWER – What power and potency (that is unacknowledged and unexpressed) are you hiding behind your negative habits and ‘problems’? It truly is our power and the ultimate expression of that, which frightens us more than failure or anything else.

OUT-CREATING YOUR PROBLEMS – What if your problems were not ‘real’ (and bigger than you), but were temporary outcomes as a result of every thought, feeling, emotion and decision you have had/made up until now?

What if they were not immutable and unchangeable, but would begin to dissolve along with your decision to out-create them?

Please note: I realize everybody has challenges and these do exist, the purpose of the above comment is to get you to understand how fluid reality really is. When we change, how we perceive things alters too. It’s not what happens to us, but how we react to it, that determines our ultimate reality.

POTENTIAL VS FEAR – If you were to step into all of your potential today (and imagine that version of you), what scares you about being that person? Now, what is required to shift and change that fear and what would doing so create in your life?

AFFIRMATIONS AND BELIEFS – Affirmations that directly contrast with your overt or (often) hidden beliefs are a waste of time and energy. Your subconscious knows the difference between gentle encouragement and a blatant lie. Either change the affirmation, or remove the negative belief.

CULTIVATING ENERGY THROUGH ALIGNMENT WITH PURPOSE – The Universe gives you energy when the future you are asking for is aligned with your inner being and soul purpose. Once you are congruent in this way, the effort it takes to achieve the outcomes you desire, is much less.

NEURO-PLASTICITY – Your reality is neuro-plastic. When you change the nature of your thoughts, your brain chemistry changes, along with your physical neural pathways (and the trajectory of your future).

CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOUR FEELINGS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Original thought is almost impossible. Unless you are vibrating in a way that allows you to receive insight, awareness and inspiration from elsewhere, all other thought forms are conditioned/learned.

Feelings are your body’s reaction to your thoughts. Therefore, all feelings are conditioned responses to certain events.

Change the thought forms you allow or resonate with and your feelings will alter. Change your feelings and the filter through which you view life changes, along with your entire world.

CONFIDENCE – Genuine confidence, is not do they like me? It is not even whether you care if they like you. Real confidence is “Do I like them”? When we believe in ourselves, we trust what we know more than we value other’s opinions.

REAL EMOTION – Emotion is your soul expressing itself through your body. It is like a force moving through you and is completely different from feelings. It is important to understand how we operate, body, mind and soul.

KINDNESS IS AWESOME – You can be kind, gentle and powerful AF. That will scare lots of people, because they can’t control you. Choose it anyway.

PURPOSEFULNESS CREATES EASE – When everything you do is connected to your purpose, your priorities become clear and life becomes way more fun!

BE RELENTLESS – Relentless determination and winning habits will make you unstoppable.

JOY CREATES – If you lost your attachment to outcomes and did it for the enjoyment, how much freer would you be?

CHANGING YOUR STORY – Does your ‘story’ support your future success or your current struggle? No matter how we got to here, we can use language to predict our future outcomes. If this is foreign to you start saying “In the PAST I….”, “I haven’t created…..YET”, “I used to struggle with….”. Your words create your reality.

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