1.Attending twice weekly pilates classes

Pilates is simply incredible. Even with a painful compression injury and two irregular discs in my upper back, I stubbornly avoided going, for as long as I possibly could. Months after my osteopath recommended it to me.

It’s funny now. I assumed (in my infinite wisdom), that pilates was where annoyingly positive people went to sit on big bouncy balls and count, while they did boring, pointless exercises, that looked as fun as watching paint dry. 

How wrong I was with my limiting points of view!! It’s also amusing how we often resist what we need most and I am still sometimes no exception!.

Not only is Pilates NOT boring, it makes my brain happy, it oxygenates my body, improves my immune system by working on the fascia. It strengthens all the parts of my body that support the areas around my injury. 

It relaxes me and has changed the alignment of my entire body and the way that I move, so I have far more energy. It has somehow changed my body language, the way I hold myself, move and interact with the world.

Lastly, it helps my pain. It eliminates stiffness, inflammation, energy blocks and it has even released stuck emotions. None of which I was expecting.

2. I avoid sugar

I still ingest a lot of sweet stuff, as my brain requires a lot of glucose and carbohydrate. I run twice a week, paddle board at the moment and am very busy.

I frequently use alternative sweeteners like honey and limit my processed sugar intake. When I cut out a huge amount of sugar last year, my anxiety levels plummeted.

3. I take glutathione

Glutatione is the body’s master anti-oxidant. As such, it is implicated in the metabolic processes of the brain and the liver.

Glutathione contributes to good concentration, positive moods, high energy levels, slows aging and prevents disease.

Here’s more about the type of glutathione that I prefer. It’s bizarre that we aren’t even educated that glutathione exists and if we were depleted, we wouldn’t even know.

I had many of the risk factors for low glutathione, including having been an athlete as a child, many life stressors and traumas, the fact that I consume caffeine and have experienced anxiety and CFS.

What blew me away with this product, was seeing the instant difference in myself at around week 5 of taking it. Cumulative levels take that long to rise and almost overnight, you can feel entirely different. I was one of the lucky ones and it’s so good, I still take it daily 3 years later.

4. I run

Getting my heart rate up high allows me to clear my thoughts, improve my mood, release stress and feel inspired and creative.

Running keeps my blood pressure and stress levels low, joints lubricated, energy high and my endorphins pinging all over the place.

It also provides me with a level of fitness that supports physical and emotional resilience.

5. Good Nutrition and Avoiding Toxins

I watch my toxin intake level by cooking almost all meals from scratch.

I avoid alcohol, measure carefully my blood sugar levels, caffeine intake and make sure I get enough nutrition for my body to function optimally.  

I consume plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruit and lean, high quality protein, good fats and healthy carbs.  

I do a half day detox (about 3 times a year) which is very effective.

6. Effective time Management and saying ‘no’

The longer I am in business and the more I grow and develop, the more precious my time becomes. I now prioritize requests for my time and manage carefully my friendships, leisure and work activities.

With work, I allocate time to tasks directly related to quality results, that yield the best outcomes for the effort expended and I endeavor to carry out all tasks in this manner.

As a result, I have increasing amounts of energy and can get more and more accomplished. This comes from simplifying my life, improved concentration, better physiology and adopting better systems for doing things.

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