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Is your life working for you? Are you relaxed, fulfilled and successful? Or is something holding you back? 

If you are looking for change, I am here to help.

The main reason we struggle with anything in our lives, is we don’t have the skills we need to create our lives the way we would like to.

Most often, we aren’t taught what we need to know to harness our strengths, let go of old baggage and improve our lives without giving into fear, resistance and overwhelm.

For many when they try to achieve specific goals or their ideal future, they will achieve some progress, until old limitations, thoughts and feelings arise and they are often back to square one, usually frustrated and disappointed.

This is not lack of willpower or motivation, it’s lack of support, specific skills and ability to understand how to disable the original source of the limitations, so that you become comfortable not needing them any more.

As an experienced life coach, I will assist you to go beyond your current situation by teaching you the specific tools with which you can create immediate success and in doing so, (as you master them) will lay the groundwork for you to build a phenomenal future for yourself long beyond the completion of your coaching program.

My job is to empower you with the tools and techniques to access your own inner wisdom and develop the competence and confidence to achieve whatever you desire whilst becoming largely self sufficient and autonomous.

Work with Rose

What is it you’ve always known is possible that you’ve never chosen? Where do you get stuck with change? Imagine someone expert walking alongside you and offering you the support, insight and feedback you have been missing. I will hold space with you as we clear out the old, help you clarify the highest vision for your life and break that down into manageable steps. I will offer empowering tools so you can bring that vision to fruition, gaining momentum and confidence as your old stuff comes up and you have the skills and to respond differently.

This modality is something new and different. It is one of the funnest ways of looking at our own choices I’ve come across whilst allowing rapid change and growth. You can start with a Private Bars session (read more here) some personal facilitation, or an Access Class to understand what is on offer and see if it is right for you. If you are curious and drawn, there is likely something there for you. 

Access classes allow you to upgrade your whole life each time you choose one. Each time we get freer of what is limiting us, what we can achieve exponentializes. You will learn tools that empower you, start to see beyond what you thought you knew and begin to use your capacities to create a better life for you and others. You may even make new friends who are as committed to having an amazing life as you are.

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