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How do I work? 

We clear out all the old stuck ‘stuff’ keeping you from having the life you would really like.  We go really deep and we Radically change all the things (thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, traumas and dramas) holding you back and making you feel not so fabulous.

Simultaneously we map out and you decide your highest vision for your life at this point in time.

This works best for a number of reasons.

Clearing out the old gives a lot of clarity around your new vision, but staying stuck in the old can be unhelpful and demoralizing – so we chart our way forward at the same time.

Going forwards WHILE dealing with the old allows you to gain a sense of momentum with my expert support and advice.

As you go forwards all the hooks and deeply embeded stuff still hanging on will come up by way of fears, limitations and discomfort.

We will clear that out too.

This leaves you much lighter, freer and feeling like a new version of you, so that the progress we make forwards can be EPIC and DIFFERENT and from a totally new space.

I give you tools. Lots of tools you can choose from that not only help you create your life in an easy way from now on, but you KNOW should you ever encounter any similar events to old past events (that you maybe didn’t know how to handle) you are powerful and free and well equipped.

Just KNOWING this is life changing.

All those things you may not feel so great about, about you – we take a look at the genius lying beneath. Every wrongness of you (that you have decided) is covering and equal and positive strongness, so we start to explore the things you’ve been oblivious to that you can harness and use to your advantage, with my expert support and feedback.

We reframe a lot of things – often when life has a greater vision for us, we are stuck in our comfortable groove ignoring the signs and we will keep getting a lesson (unwanted experience) repeatedly, until we are willing to choose more. Unfortunately a lot of us place regrets around these things and get quite stuck at these points in life. We go back and clear the energies of these events and reframe them so you can function with more freedom and ease in the future.

I powerfully support you as you venture into the unknown and expand beyond what you thought was possible. I have your back when we process stuff, providing a container for you to release and let go of what you no longer need, we go through your wins and learnings each week and you become confident to try new tools and techniques, show up in the world and go for it! 

We celebrate your success!! We acknowledge and enjoy your breakthroughs, shifts, awarenesses, your courage and everything that you choosing!


There is a synergy and a magic that happens when two heads join together in this way and a space that is created that allows a completely different set of choices and amazing results to emerge for people engaged in this process.



(Available by Skype or in person)

You may be Ready for this Program if You:

  • KNOW there is so much more available to you and you are FRUSTRATED you aren’t there yet!
  • Desire expert SUPPORT and GUIDANCE to shift out of your fears, limitations and struggles and create the success you are capable of
  • Know that habitual thinking and therefore habitual associated feelings tripping you up
  • Are tired of watching yourself go around in circles when you have so much more to offer!
  • Aren’t sure which risks to take and which ones will leave you feeling back at square one
  • Would like to know how to handle your resistance (fears) once you are out of your comfort zone
  • Don’t require therapy, but you want to release what is holding you back and move forwards with some great new tools and knowledge
  • Would love someone to hold you accountable, help you build on your strengths and weaknesses and run your successes and failures past each week, helping you gain confidence and momentum
  • Want more out of life and don’t know how to create it for yourself

What will Change for you, working with me:

  • Receive expert support and guidance, tools and techniques to deal with life from a radically easier place.
  • Identify your resilience and develop unshakable self confidence and as you take action each week and evaluate what worked and didn’t and have those A-ha moments!
  • Stop telling your story and unconsciously projecting your past into the future.
  • Get free of limiting beliefs, procrastination and unhelpful conditioning.
  • Align with your internal guidance, potency and awareness enabling you to heal the old and take quantum leaps forward.
  • As your old blocks and imbalances clear, experience internal shifts, greater clarity and re-awakened creativity.
  • Finish each session with an inspired action list that allows you to create progress, change unhelpful habits and develop your self awareness between sessions.
  • Discover the magic of alignment, vibration and manifesting (if you wish).
  • Learn energetic tools for creating rapid acceleration and learn how to use all life experiences to your advantage.
  • Be led and encouraged through the discomfort of transition and up-leveling by someone who is aware and experienced.
  • Discover why breakthroughs and breakdowns often feel similar.
  • Tune into your body to achieve ongoing balance, ease, vitality and success.

“If you are willing to step up then Rose is right there with you – encouraging and supporting, showing kindness and understanding, teaching and allowing the space to learn and grow. Her interest in you is genuine and she will work with you at your level.”

Gael Woolfe

Nelson, New Zealand


(by Skype or in person)


If you are seeking rapid change, breakthroughs and insights, then a half day mentoring intensive may be for you.

This is a valuable way of exploring coaching, if you are extremely busy, process new ideas fast and don’t want the hassle of weekly or fortnightly sessions, you may prefer or enjoy this option.

Are You:

  • Sick of the same old stuff that isn’t working in your life?
  • Clear about what you want to change and are looking for rapid expansion?
  • Seeking to hit reset on your life and restart from a new place?
  • Wanting to kick-start your mentoring experience with me from a powerful and dynamic space?
  • Don’t want to commit to the hassle of regular sessions, appointments and incorporating change into your weekly grind?
  • If you live in Nelson or I am visiting your area, this half day this can incorporate life changing body work.
  • Are you just at a point where something better change or you don’t know what will happen?

I Can Help:

  • Meet with me in a soothing and comfortable environment (This can also take place via Skype).
  • Enjoy the luxury of getting to focus on YOU for a half day and having my attention and expertise focused on helping you path your way forwards, inspire you to a different place and start to get underneath some major blocks.
  • Get rapid breakthroughs and valuable A-has as we map out a new way forwards and start to dissolve your greatest challenges.
  • Feel supported as we create the container from which you can expand and be different. 
  • Gain the realizations of where you’ve been sticking yourself and learn some new tools so that you don’t re-create that and you can feel empowered and have ease going forwards.
  • Create a strong basis for creating future change and the life you really want.
  • Start to function from a different place where you see the value of you, you can use your former limitations as a source of creation and you acknowledge the value in getting to where you have been at.
  • Start feeling freer, learn how to connect with your inner guidance and powerfully create the life you would like in the future.
Change starts with you strapline

“With Roses help I have cleared many limitations and she has coached me through some difficult times and has given me tools to empower myself between our sessions.”

Laverne Heissner

Nelson, New Zealand

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