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Access Consciousness The Bars®

About The Bars

“The Bars®” is a body process that can aid you to release anything not serving you from your subconscious, cellular memory, neural pathways, muscle memory and energy field.

During a session 32 points on the head are lightly held. A session is painless and you may experience a sensation of warmth or tingling around The Bars® points.

Sessions last 60-90 minutes and are very soothing. You may wish to work deeply with your facilitator to clear issues in your life, or lie quietly and enjoy the calm and peaceful sensations and just process what is light for you.

Letting go of the things that have been hampering you or holding you back can now be as easy as being willing to receive a Bars® session.

Watch the video to see how a Bars session looks.

The Science

Science has now proven what Bars® practitioners have known for more than a decade. Renowned US Neuroscientist Jeffery Fannin has just released his preliminary findings into the Bars and what it does in the brain.

Private Sessions 

Why book your Bars session with me? 

  • I am a highly experienced Bars Facilitator and CFMW and am currently training as a CF. (See explanation below). I am also an Access Certified Body Process Practitioner.
  • This means I’ve conducted and Facilitated hundreds of Private Bars Sessions and delivered many hours of teaching to new Bars Practitioners who have chosen to train with me as well as taught my own taster classes on a number of subjects and Body Process Classes also.
  • I am passionate about sharing these tools with others and using them in my own life to create change.
  • Clients can learn these tools with me as a part of their sessions if they wish.
  • I love the magic of the Bars and also being the best Facilitator I can be to help people change everything they wish to.
  • To that end, I regularly update my training and attend new classes.
  • Not only does an experienced Facilitator know instinctively what is going on for someone and what is keeping them stuck, they also have the awareness of which clearings to use, which tools to proffer and where to guide the session to facilitate the ultimate best outcome for the client.

I’ve heard of Bars Facilitators & Practitioners

How do I know who I’m seeing?

  • A Licensed Bars Facilitator will have a practicing certificate on their wall.
  • There are four levels of training of people who offer The Bars.

Bars Practitioners

Have done a one day training course and know the mechanics of the Bars and a little about Access.

Bars Facilitators

Have done their Bars training three times with three different Facilitators. (These people can teach the Bars class, but don’t necessarily offer facilitation in their sessions.


These are experienced Bars Facilitators who have done Advanced Classes, are licensed to teach taster classes on the Access tools and know how to Facilitate their clients to change anything.


These are WorldWide Certified Facilitators who teach the four day Foundation Class and much more.

There are other Specialist areas of Access Consciousness. I am also a Body Process Practitioner. There are more than 50 Access Body Processes available for various emotional and physical issues. Please go here to read more.

“I wasn’t sure how the bars would work, or if they would help however I have woken with a very clear sense of clarity and optimism. Like a weight has been lifted.”

Tamzin Henderson

Nelson, New Zealand

“It’s really bizzare, since my Bars session, I’ve come a long way in a short amount of time. I’ve been able to step outside my “human conditioning” and allow my spirit being to deal with the pain and hurt and suffering I was in.

Phillip Ashworth

Upper Moutere, New Zealand