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“The Bars®” is a body process that can aid you to release anything not serving you from your subconscious, cellular memory, neural pathways, muscle memory and energy field.

During a session 32 points on the head are lightly held. A session is painless and you may experience a sensation of warmth or tingling around The Bars® points.

Sessions last 60-90 minutes and are very soothing. You may wish to work deeply with your facilitator to clear issues in your life, or lie quietly and enjoy the calm and peaceful sensations and just process what is light for you.

Letting go of the things that have been hampering you or holding you back can now be as easy as being willing to receive a Bars® session.

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"Rose has a really useful direct yet gentle approach. I felt such trust with Rose and knew I could open up emotionally while still being encouraged to face and let go of limiting beliefs stretching back decades."
Gareth Edwards

Why Book Your Private Access Session With Me?

  • I am an Access Consciousness Worldwide Certified Facilitator and have been a Bars Facilitator (trainer) and Body Process Facilitator and CFMW for 3.5 years here in Nelson City.
  • I regularly update my training and attend new classes.
  • I care deeply and have a personal love for these tools, having transformed my own life, living and well-being with them. I live them and inspire others to do the same by showing them what is possible.
  • Over the years I’ve conducted 100s of private sessions, taught many new students and have developed my own way of facilitation along with my capacities for sensing where people are limiting themselves and assisting them to gently and powerfully change this.
  • The opposite of limitation is always an undiscovered or dormant potency and it is exciting to help people connect with theirs through these tools.
  • I have a custom made studio here in Nelson City in a quiet, peaceful surroundings.

Watch The Video Below To See How A Bars Session Looks

Access Bars Video Nelson New Zealand
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See What Other People Are Saying

Bars Nelson New Zealand

"A friend recommended me to have a session with Rose last year. I thought ok, as I’m always have a interest in different ways of healing. I was not the best state emotionally and was blown away at the results for the better after just that one session!

Such a lovely caring, and compassionate person I would definitely go again, It’s so worth it!! Highly recommend her to anyone Was worth the trip from Dunedin. Many thanks Rose for getting me out of the pickled jungle in my head!"

Karyn Whitehead

Bars Nelson New Zealand

"I had my bars run by Rose recently and I was so impressed with the whole process and immediate results!

Her home studio is very relaxing and comfortable. She told me what was going to happen and talked me through everything. Even while I was at the session I could feel my thoughts and ideas changing and having realisations about past ideas that I could properly process.

Straight afterwards I felt calmer and clearer in my thinking and more understanding of where my previous ideas and perceptions were no longer a reality and could see where they were hindering my ease with life.

A couple of weeks on and the thoughts and perceptions we worked through have no hold on me and they never will again. This is such a direct route to re-wiring your brain that it’s amazing more people don’t do it!

I highly recommend Rose. And even if you don’t understand what’s happening in a bars session, if you are open to it, it will benefit you."

Amanda Sears

Bars Nelson New Zealand

"I met Rose through my work and felt very comfortable talking with her. Once I discovered what she does, I was excited and keen to start working with her straight away!

I have done some healing in recent years but nothing has quiet shaken me like Access Bars have. I have had trouble expressing myself and connecting with my true awareness in the past which Rose has really helped me work on.

Rose has such wonderful awareness which she always shares so respectfully, her support outside sessions goes above and beyond the call of duty and I wholeheartedly appreciate her time and efforts. I find Rose so genuine and fun, I love our sessions together!

I laugh as much as I cry it’s wonderful. I feel so much more clarity and I know the changes I have made through my sessions are permanent life changes.

I would recommend Rose to anybody open to making real changes, she is so real and honest it is hard not to feel at ease in her presence."

Leone Whittaker

"After the Bars with Rose, I’ve come a long way in a short amount of time.

I’ve been able to step outside my “human conditioning” and allow my spirit being to deal with the pain, hurt and suffering I was in."

Philip Ashworth

Bars Nelson New Zealand

"I went to Rose and had my bars run. WOW what an amazing immediate shift in my thinking. I was so impressed I sent my teenage daughter along and she was amazed and felt instantly calm.

Rose is lovely to work with and immediately puts you at ease. I never thought dealing with some pretty heavy issues could be fun but it was! I totally recommend having your Bars run by Rose it’s a life altering experience and you won’t regret it."

Janine Brena

Linda Brownie, Video Testimonial

Bars Nelson New Zealand
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A Licensed Bars® facilitator will have a practicing certificate on their wall.

There are four levels of training of people who offer The Bars.

Bars Practitioners – Have completed a one day Training course and can run the 32 points on your head. They know little about the verbal/facilitation tools of Access.

Bars Facilitators – Have undertaken Bars training 3 times with 3 different facilitators and will know a little more about facilitation depending on whether they have completed a four day Foundation class.

CFMWs – Bars Facilitators who have attended Foundation and Choice of Possibilities Classes and sometimes others and can offer facilitation to their Bars clients, teach the Bars and teach intro classes on the tools of Access.

CFs – Worldwide Certified Facilitators (usually Bars Facilitators but not always) and can teach a Four Day Foundation Class and any other specialty class using the tools.


Access Consciousness® offers thousands of verbal tools and techniques to empower people and help them change their lives. An experienced facilitator will use these tools to direct your session in a certain way to achieve a particular result using these verbal tools.

You can receive the Bars with or without Facilitation. You can receive Facilitation with or without the Bars or you can attend a class to learn more about what is available within Access. Go here to find out about classes with Rose.

The Science behind The Bars®

Science has now proven what Bars® practitioners have known for more than a decade. Renowned US Neuroscientist Jeffery Fannin has just released his preliminary findings into the Bars® and what it does in the brain.

Watch the video to see his initial impression of the Bars after discovering it at a conference in San Deigo

Life Coach Nelson New Zealand
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