Hello, I’m Rose Aitken

I facilitate women and sometimes men just like you who are wanting greater success, joy and fulfillment to achieve this, by creating Radical Ease in their lives.

Although this is one of the most exciting times to be alive in the history of this planet, life is complex today for many reasons. It isn’t always easy to find great support on your journey, feel confident in yourself, know how to let go of old hurts, overcome frustrations and create all that you most desire.

It is common in Western society to feel unsure, lost, even disconnected from others and most importantly of all, from the tools with which to access your own inner guidance and wisdom. Negative internal dialogue, stress, job dissatisfaction or challenging relationships are also widespread.

Some of you may have one or more persistent challenges you haven’t solved on your own, despite your best efforts that are limiting you across all other areas in your life.

Whatever is going on for you, you are in the right place. I am here to help.

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My Original Love – Mentoring

I am very privileged and blessed to share people’s Mentoring journeys with them. There is so much that changes when two people put their heads and hearts together in the name of creating something greater, a new possibility and something deeply desired.

Mentoring can be the single best investment you will ever make. Learning skills that will empower you in every aspect of life, grow your confidence, allow you to connect to your inner wisdom is priceless. Receiving expert assistance to release your blocks, fears and limitations is invaluable, as you take steps to create differently practical things such as your career or business, relationships, money flows and health from a space of freedom and ease.

From Mentoring to Bars Facilitation

In the process of qualifying as a Life Coach and offering Pro Bono sessions, I realized that certain people required more assistance to undo their strongest limitations, which they had literally installed in the ‘hard drive’ of their bodies and that were working against their best efforts at changing.

Science has now proven our body tries to keep us from repeating past painful experiences by replaying a traumatic response when triggered. (Even if the trigger is incorrect).

These stored signals are so painful, they effectively prevent some people from building the success and peace they deserve.

There is a synergy and a magic that happens on this journey, along with lots of fun, expansion, some heartache, discomfort, unexpected challenges and beautiful moments. There are tears and joy, hard work and problem solving dappled with courage and seasoned with trial and error as you discover your way forwards with massive support and expert guidance that you may never have encountered before.

For some, counselling can intervene in that process, but for those heavily affected or who are highly aware and sensitive, the block can be almost solid and physical in nature.

In early 2013, I had recently discovered a Body Process called “The Bars” from a modality known as Access Consciousness, that had changed my life and many other people’s I began to know. I started referring some of my Life Coaching clients to my Access Facilitator to receive a Bars session.

The Bars is a revolutionary technique that involves the recipient lying down for 60 to 90 minutes while 32 points on their head are held in a certain sequence. The client can be verbally facilitated to release what their greatest blocks that their body is holding onto, allowing them to create their lives from a new place of possibility and ease.

It wasn’t long until I worked out that I could best serve my clients by becoming a Bars practitioner, facilitator and then educator so I could offer everyone the best service for where they are at. Along the way and in the process of conducting hundreds of private sessions and facilitating groups in the tools, I have become expert at working with changing energy and using a combination of techniques, empowering clients to create their lives from a new paradigm.

These pragmatic tools are at cutting edge of human consciousness and work in that realm where ancient wisdom, modern science and psychology intersect

My Journey Into Healing

After years of study, practice, teaching and facilitating clients to create the changes they are looking for, I have become highly intuitive at knowing what is creating someone’s issues and what is required to free them. From that space I can profer the tools with which they can choose for themselves.

I have a Business degree and corporate background and was so skeptical of healing for a long time. Compounding this was the fact that I’d tried so many things that either didn’t work for me or filled in a tiny part of the puzzle with my own health issues. When I was finally ready, I discovered Access and a few other tools and modalities that I now use, it didn’t take me long to realize that energy is real and people create as much in the energetic realm as they do in the psychological and physical ones.

I became used to helping people change the energy of their problems and in turn solved many of my own problems in the receiving of facilitation and attending of classes. Somewhere in that process, I began receiving awareness for clients and knew that scientifically I was functioning from a different brainwave state when giving or receiving a session and that I was accessing higher dimensions and feeling and sensing changes in my clients that just shouldn’t be possible.

I had became interested in personal development whilst still a child. I saw people around me suffering and lost and I knew there had to be a better way to be in the world. I read Dr Wayne Dwyer’s book “Your Erroneous Zones” at 13. I was very highly aware due to everything I experienced and went through, but didn’t realize that was shaping me for who I would later become.

A year ago I undertook Angelic Reiki training up to Masters Level. I have a friend who teaches Angelic Reiki and it was after doing a swap with her and talking to her about her experiences, that I finally decided to give the training a try. To me it sounded so weird (although differently weird from the other things that I already do lol). What I discovered was a beautiful modality and I am passionate about offering that healing to people who are seeking the benefits that this service can provide.

Where I may differ from other healing practitioners offering healing services, is that I am qualified and trained at working with people from all aspects of consciousness and if I see that someone requires a change or needs to work on an aspect of their life, I will tell them. Whilst I only believe on passing information someone is able and willing to receive, it is often important to give awareness of patterns and blocks where it is safe to do so.

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